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Self Driving Cars

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What does the future hold for self-driving cars?

Finally, the best part about self-driving cars is that they can be used by anyone to reach their destinations. Today, people have to wait for a driver to drive a car if they don’t know how to drive themselves. But with a self-driving car, they will only be limited to steering wheels – which they may need to manage sometimes.

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Self-Driving Cars Are Coming To Road Near You, Just Not Your Driveway Yet

As we inch closer to self-driving cars taking over our streets, a few years remain before they take over our garages.

Self-driving cars, however, are not altogether autonomous.

The US has a long established love of the automobile.

Making our choice clear with highways instead of rail lines back in the 1950’s.

Fantasizing about the open road and idolizing fast cars and Route 66.

Romanticizing just as much about our first ride as we do our first love.

In recent years though, this once undying affection has begun to fade.

High gas and insurance costs.

Crumbling infrastructure.

Endless hours of delays and traffic.

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Meet the first Basic Income/Luddite Presidential Candidate

Yang comes across as a kinder and gentler Generation X version of Trump.
Yang might be the breakout Democratic candidate of 2020. Even if he does not win, Yang is certainly in a position to disrupt the Democratic primaries and possibly knock out some serious mainstream contenders like former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Delaware) or U.S. Senators Kamal Harris (D-California) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York).
. Like Donald J. Trump, Andrew Yang is a sophisticated but improbable candidate that has a strong chance of reaching the White House.

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Ford Gambles Big on Self-Driving Cars

Okay, so Ford is a great company that is making a lot of money, but is self-driving vehicle technology a wise investment? Maybe not, even some of Ford’s executives have serious doubts about its profitability.

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Google Could Revolutionize Auto Insurance

Entering auto insurance would make a lot of sense for Uber because insurance has been one of the barriers blocking drivers from adopting its service. Some communities, like Kansas City, Missouri, have even banned Uber because of inadequate insurance. Offering insurance could remove that barrier and defuse one of the taxi cab industry’s main objection to Uber.

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