Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Progress?

Even though the world is safer, more peaceful, cleaner, freer, healthier, and more prosperous than ever before a lot of people cannot accept that reality. The better things get; the more some people refuse to notice, and the harder they resist progress and the thinking behind it.

Behind almost every argument against progress there will be a person fearing for his or her livelihood.

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Utopian Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is basically a utopian experiment because its practitioners often disregard reality and human nature and expect unrealistic results. They seek to perfect society and humanity itself by setting up bureaucratic structures and imposing and enforcing rules. Examples of this paradigm include Prohibition, the War on Drugs, the Iraq War, The War on Poverty, foreign aid, regulation of business, deregulation of business, the War on Terror, nationalization of industries, denationalization of industries, colonialism, and the Soviet Union, among other stupidities.

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Hyperloop Testing Begins, SpaceX Plans Contest and Test Track

Hyperloop Technologies Inc., or Hyperloop Tech, is building the first full-scale Hyperloop tube demonstration project in the parking lot of an abandoned truck garage in downtown LA’s seedy Arts District.

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