A Blockchain Token Warren Buffett might like

This looks like a blockchain-platform designed for hardnosed businesspeople that operate in the real world.

An example of a SyncFab customer would be a small-town machine shop owner who has a payroll to meet and bills to pay. Such an individual wants fast payment in cash. The machine-shop customers have to get paid fast because they need the parts to keep their business running.

That leads to real cash flow or what Uncle Warren would call “float.” It also sounds a great deal like some of the boring industrial companies that Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A) owns – such as TTI and CTB.

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Is NVIDIA the Perfect Value Investment for the 21st Century?

Gamers’ pain is NVIDIA stockholders’ gain; the manufacturer is making lots of money off the cryptocurrency bubble.

The company’s year-to-year net income grew by 54.61% to $838 million during 4th quarter 2017, Google Finance reported. During the same quarter, the year-to-year operating income grew by 40.60% to $814 million and year-to-year revenues grew by 31.54% to $2.64 billion.

NVIDIA stands to profit big time from robots, self-driving vehicles, industrial equipment, and other machines operated by blockchain-based solutions.

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