How many Jobs can Technology Kill?

Technological Unemployment will be far more widespread and destructive than most people expect.

1. Technology will kill large numbers of jobs over the course of the next few decades.

2. Technology will create vast numbers of new jobs over the next few decades.

3. Income inequality is likely to get a lot worse. There will be a lot more rich people and many more poor people around.

4. The destruction of jobs will lead to widespread cultural, political, social, and economic upheaval.

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Meet the first Basic Income/Luddite Presidential Candidate

Yang comes across as a kinder and gentler Generation X version of Trump.
Yang might be the breakout Democratic candidate of 2020. Even if he does not win, Yang is certainly in a position to disrupt the Democratic primaries and possibly knock out some serious mainstream contenders like former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Delaware) or U.S. Senators Kamal Harris (D-California) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York).
. Like Donald J. Trump, Andrew Yang is a sophisticated but improbable candidate that has a strong chance of reaching the White House.

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Walmart plans store with No Cashiers

It looks as if the technological jobs apocalypse is occurring at America’s largest employer Walmart.
The world’s largest retailer has plans for a store where customers would simply take merchandise and walk out the door without stopping at a register, Recode revealed. Instead, cameras, sensors, and employees on the floor would keep track of purchases.

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More Proof that Technological Unemployment is real and it’s Happening Right Now

“Long story short, the middle of the labor market is disappearing,” Santens wrote. He envisions a new labor market in which only the highly-skilled and the low-skilled find work.

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AI Playing Video Games, Learning Warehouse Jobs and Building other AI

The most frightening AI of all is being developed by a Google project called AutoML (machine learning). The goal of AutoML is to create an AI that can design and build other AIs, The Times reported.

Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is trying to build AI that can reproduce. The thinking behind AutoML is to reduce the need for the highly-paid engineers and computer scientists who to design and build AIs.

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The Robotic Burger Flipper is here

Earlier adopters of Flippy are likely to be 24-hour kitchens; such as those in truck stops, and diners like Denny’s (NYSE: DENN). Next will come military mess halls, hospitals and restaurants in areas with high costs of living.  Any restaurant in an area with labor shortages and operators of kitchens in remote locations will definitely be interested.

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Is McDonald’s about to replace Cashiers with Kiosks?

Publicity about the possible automation caused McDonald’s share price to increase by $38 a share during the week of June 19 to 23, CNBC reported. Mickey D’s shares went from $142 to $180 in just a few days. They fell back to $154 on Monday June 26, 2017, but were still grossly overpriced.

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Will Your Job Survive the Fourth Wave of Technological Unemployment?

As you can see all four waves of Technological Unemployment are ongoing and simultaneous. The phenomenon is driven by technological progress, a development that began long before our grandparents were born and will be ongoing long after our grandchildren are dead.

It also means that there are several threats to our jobs as technologies and techniques from the different waves get combined. For example an automobile, a first wave machine can be combined with a computer; a third wave device, and an artificial intelligence – a fourth wave technology – to produce a self-driving car.

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Bill Gates wants Robots to Pay Income Tax

The world’s richest man wants robots to pay income tax – if they take humans’ jobs.

Bill Gates endorsed the idea of a “robot tax;” on automations that replace human workers, in video interview with Quartz editor in chief Kevin Delaney.

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Technological Unemployment Makes the Jobs Apocalypse Worse

The jobs apocalypse is about to get far worse because the machines have figured out how to learn. We had better get ready because AIs like Libratus will soon destroy hundreds of not thousands of highly paying jobs.

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