TenX Stupidity and French Bank will Support Apple Pay

That, of course, created a risk of theft and some nasty liabilities issues for TenX. Is the company responsible if a crook uses a stolen card number posted on its’ website?

Such shenanigans will definitely not endure TenX to Visa; which has shut off some of its cards, or to MasterCard which is just as hostile to cryptocurrency cards. Despite that the TenX debit cards are a pretty impressive product; they can convert several altcoins including DASH, Ethereum, and Bitcoin into fiat currencies instantly.

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TenX Visa Scheduled to shut down on October 16

“Cardholders outside the European territory who; for whatever reason, haven’t yet activated their cards, will not be able to do so. Their WaveCrest-issued TenX cards are now just cool souvenirs.”

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New Visa Debit Card will let you Convert Cryptocurrency into Real Money Instantly

The TenX Visa is supposed to convert eight cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, ERC20 and Dash (the currency formerly known as Darkcoin). More currencies; presumably including Litecoin are coming according to the TenX website. It is not clear if there is any connection between TenX and China’s Tencent Holdings.

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