Ways in Which Your Student Debt Hurts and Grows the Economy

A growing economy runs on the fuel of its people spending their money on goods and services. However, over 44 million US adults are diverting their income to paying back hefty student loans, rather than boosting the economy with it. They also have very little left with which to save afterward, start a business, or invest.

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eBay is Still a Better Investment than Amazon

There is also one very ugly number in eBay’s financials and that’s cash from operations. Over the course of 2016 the amount of cash flowing through eBay’s till fell by $1.207 billion, and that occurred in eBay’s first year without PayPal.

eBay reported $4.033 in cash from operations at the end of fourth quarter 2015, and $2.826 billion in cash from operations on December 31, 2016. This is worrisome because all the additional revenue growth does not seem to be translating into additional cash.

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