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Toyota (NYSE: TM)

Market Commentary

Uber and Toyota plan Self-Driving Van

Strangely, Uber’s exit from autonomous vehicles will hasten the self-driving car’s arrival. A manufacturer will gain several years of intensive research and vast amounts of data from the ATG.
That research and data will put a company several years ahead of the competition. A company with experience building autonomous vehicles; like Fiat Chrysler; can use that data to create a self-driving car.

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Long Ideas

Is Toyota the best Value in Electric Vehicles?

Either way Toyota is now a great long term contrarian play in autos. It’s a good company because you will not lose money with this stock no matter what the cars of the future run upon.

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Market Insanity

Who would Buy Uber??

A leaderless Uber with its value destroyed will be a natural acquisition target.

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Market Wisdom

Did Uber Hurt Rental Car Companies in 2016?

Or the car-rental companies might find themselves facing a greater nightmare. If Uber were to collapse, a major automaker might buy it and Hertz and Avis would find themselves competing directly with Ford (NYSE: F), Toyota (NYSE: TM) or even Volkswagen.

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