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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

Uber and Lyft

Grocery Wars

Ten Threats to Amazon

Netflix loses money like crazy but it has built up a global platform for delivery of digital products. A danger is that Netflix might start selling products like video games, software, insurance, or financial services in addition to video entertainment. Another is that Netflix might team up with a retailer to start selling goods through its platform. A grave danger for Amazon would be Walmart or Alibaba buying Netflix and offering a Prime type delivery and entertainment option through it.

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Some Great Resources for Airbnb Hosts

These resources can help hosts with everything from cash-flow crises to cleaning. More importantly all of them are easy to access and take advantage of. Utilizing these tools can help you make money on Airbnb and advance to Superhost status.

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Long Ideas

Will Minivans Save Fiat-Chrysler?

Minivans are more of a contrarian investment than you might think because they are the perfect vehicle for use in the ride-sharing business. A Chrysler Pacifica or Dodge City Master Pro; particularly one equipped with a diesel, electric or hybrid engine, would be the perfect Uber car. It can seat several passengers, it is stylish and there is plenty of room for luggage for the airport run.

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Good StocksLong Ideas

Ford Gambles Big on Self-Driving Cars

Okay, so Ford is a great company that is making a lot of money, but is self-driving vehicle technology a wise investment? Maybe not, even some of Ford’s executives have serious doubts about its profitability.

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