US Bancorp Gets Better

There’s also less exposure to the mortgage market which is still on some very shaky ground. U.S. Bancorp controlled around 2.8% of the mortgage in first quarter 2017, compared to the 16.3% that Wells Fargo owned, Forbes Great Speculations pointed out.

The volume of mortgage originations is falling dramatically dropping from $561 billion in 3rd Quarter 2016 to $361 billion in Quarter One 2017. That’s a decline of more than $35% or $200 billion in just six months.

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Is Bank of Internet Really Better Than Other Banks?

Payment solutions like Apple Pay make Bank of Internet’s business model obsolete.
Despite its impressive revenue growth Bank of Internet is still a very small niche player.
Bank of Internet simply lacks the resources to challenge giant competitors like Bank of America.
By making banking at any institution more convenient Apple Pay poses a serious challenge to Bank of Internet.

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