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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

Voter Suppression

Historical Insanity

America’s Long History of Voter Suppression

Frighteningly, the Founding Fathers wrote voter suppression into the Constitution. In fact, there are several voter suppression measures in the original Constitution.

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Ten Practical Solutions to Voter Suppression

Stop electing state secretaries of state and other officials who oversee voter registration and elections.

Make the officials in charge of elections and voter registration nonpolitical.
Create a federal ID card for all legal residents and citizens of the United States.
Implement automatic voter registration nationwide.
Allow voters to vote at any polling place.
Implement mail-in voting nationwide
Make upgrades of election technology mandatory
Establish an Election Security Agency
Create a secure digital voting system
We must get Serious about fighting Voter Suppression

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America Needs to Talk about Voter Suppression

First, we must ask why no Republican leaders are condemning voter suppression and demanding the party stop the practice. Second, we must ask why “moderate” Republicans; like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and supposedly “principled conservatives” like U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) and the Bush Brothers, are silent about the issue.

Third, we must ask why white Democratic leaders have been silent about voter suppression. Why have people like Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill, former Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-California), and others been silent?

Fourth, we must ask if racism is motivating political leaders on both sides of the aisle. Are both “conservative Republicans” and “progressive Democrats” afraid of people of color voting?

Fifth, we must ask why African American leaders like former President Barrack Obama (D-Illinois), Oprah, and former Attorney General Eric Halder have been silent about voter suppression. Why are these supposed champions of civil rights afraid to defend such a fundamental right?

Finally, we must ask why the big national media ignored voter suppression for so long. Evidence of widespread voter suppression in Wisconsin surfaced immediately after the 2016 election, yet the “investigative journalists” from the national media were missing in action.

For instance, outlets like CBS, CNN, and Fox refuse to run more than a handful of stories on voter suppression. Considering all the print and airtime devoted to the questionable Russia investigation, the motivations of the media leaders are suspect.

Are decisions in New York’s editorial offices and executive suites motivated by racism? Is the white media establishment in New York in favor of voter suppression?

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More Voter Suppression in Texas was forced to mail paper applications to all 2,400 voter applicants. There is a strong possibility many of them will not get registered because of the timing.

Pablos’ action sends a terrible message to average people; don’t even try to register to vote because it will not matter. Even if voter suppression was not intended that is the result.

Moreover, Pablos is hurting Republicans by sending out a horrendous message. To explain, the message is: “the GOP only wants old white people to vote, everybody else should stay home.”

Millennials and people of color; whose votes Texas Republicans need, get the message: “only Democrats care about us.” Latinos, in particular, have received the memo, 57% of Hispanic voters prefer Democrat Beto O’Rourke (D-El Paso) to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), The New York Times estimates.

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Russiagate Distracts from America’s Real Problems

Blaming the Russians; and by inference Trump, is easier and less controversial than examining the systematic corruption in our electoral system.

Therefore, exposing Russiagate as a lie or a minor irritant, will only lead to more scapegoating. The most likely scenario is that the blame Russia crowd will start blaming China, once the mob tires of their current hysteria.
Instead of exonerating the President after Russiagate peters out, the Trump haters will simply switch tactics. They will brand the Donald a Chinese agent and start investigating his ties to Beijing.

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Technology could Prevent Vote Fraud and Voter Suppression

It would be possible to build a highly-secure blockhain based voting system for the entire United States right now. Such a system would it make possible for any citizen to vote online or over the phone. It would also be easy to set up simple touch-screen voting machines connected to the system all over the nation.

It would be possible to vote through highly-encrypted smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and the various Android products right now. That way any American would be able to vote from anywhere in the world with wireless service, at any time.

Using such technology it would be easy to take elections and voter registration out of the hands of local officials that are more likely to be corrupt or engage in voter suppression. Instead, a nationwide voting system can be set up to ensure that right to all Americans.

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A Simple Solution for Vote Fraud and Voter Suppression

The potential solution is so simple and straightforward it lends credence to allegations that the real purpose of the president’s commission is voter suppression. Even if the allegations of vote fraud were true, a national ID card is a logical solution.

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Why Republicans Must Oppose Voter Suppression

Instead of ensuring Republican government, such abuse of voter ID laws might undermine the party and help Democrats.

Protecting voting rights, protects Republicans right too. At least some Republicans were undoubtedly victims of voter suppression. With today’s close elections the GOP needs every vote it can get.

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The Politics of Voter Suppression – why it will not go Away and Probably Get Worse

The greatest misconception is that voter suppression is about racism. The sorry truth is voter suppression is about political hacks trying to keep their cushy jobs; by keeping persons not likely to vote for them away from the polls.

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