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Some Interesting Resources for Gig-Economy Entrepreneurs

If you want a resource for hedging (protecting funds from inflation) and transferring money the cryptocurrency is a cheap and versatile option particularly for sending money outside the country. There are several excellent and easy to use bitcoin wallets available. The best include Coinbase and Bitpay; which offers a bitcoin Visa debit card that can be used at almost all retailers.

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Walmart Pay is far more than just a Simple Payment App

If news stories about Walmart Pay are correct; the app is an impressive piece of retail technology that puts Walmart well ahead of competitors. The new app actually gives Walmart some capabilities that even Apple Pay lacks.

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Ten Things that Walmart has Gotten Right about Ecommerce

Entering the payment arena with Walmart Pay. One of Walmart’s underappreciated capabilities is its ability to process vast numbers of payments quickly and efficiently. The company is greatly increasing its payment capabilities with Walmart Pay; a contactless payment solution similar to Apple Pay.

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Ten Threats to Walmart

Much of Walmart’s success has been based upon its ability to deliver name brands at much lower price than competitors. This is threatened because Americans are no longer buying name brands. Three of the fastest growing retailers; Aldi, Costco and Trader Joe’s, base their business model on a limited selection of low-cost but high-quality private label products.

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