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Walmart (WMT) is Profiting from Technological Unemployment

Grocery Wars

Can Walmart (WMT) succeed in the Age of Amazon?

Thus Walmart’s investments in technology could pay off with lower operating costs. Notably, one way technology is saving Walmart money is by eliminating the need for employees.
For instance, Walmart is eliminating 700 to 1,000 jobs at its Arkansas headquarters. In addition, Walmart cut 7,000 back-office accounting workers in its stores in 2016.
Hence, Walmart and its investors are profiting from technological unemployment. Interestingly, further job cuts are likely at Walmart because the company will deploy robot janitors in its stores.
Walmart is testing 360 janitorial robots in its stores, Bloomberg reports. In detail, the machines are robotic floors scrubbers built by a company called Brain Inc.
Robots are conducting inventory in some Walmart stores, Bloomberg claims. In addition, Walmart is testing robots that pull grocery orders in fulfillment centers and superstores, TechCrunch reports. A company called Alphabot builds the robots

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