Some Big Characters that Might join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Dr. Doom – Marvel’s top villain has a great look and fearsome power. His role as the dictator of a European nation can lead to some fascinating plot twists. Doom also has a logical long-time rivalry with Iron Man, i.e. are super geniuses that wear heavily weaponized battle armor. A possibility would be to have Doom show up in an Avengers or Iron Man movie before clashing with the Fantastic Four. Doom would give the Iron Man movies, the one thing they’ve lacked – a truly fearsome and effective villain.

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Disneyland workers live below poverty line, Disney reported $4.423 billion in Net Income

• Around 73% of Disneyland employees admitted they did not make enough money to pay their bills.

• Around 11% of Disneyland employees admitted to being homeless within the last two years.

• Around 13% of Disneyland cast members with young children admitted to being homeless.

• Around 44% of the highest paid Disneyland cast members those who made more than $15 an hour admitted being unable to make ends meet.

• 67% of the Disneyland cast members that had been on the job had been for more than 15 years admitted to being unable to pay their monthly bills.

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