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Wayfair (NYSE: W)

Grocery Wars

Is Target Surviving the Retail Apocalypse?

Wayfair hurts Target because each of its orders represents one shopping trip a customer did not make to the mall or shopping center. I think Wayfair and Amazon’s growth, shows Americans are getting out of the shopping habit.

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Wayfair the Biggest Online Retail Success you Never Heard of

Moreover, Statista calculates Wayfair had only 2.09 million customers in 2013, 3.22 million customers in 2014, 5.36 million customers in 2015, and 8.25 million customers in 2017. Thus, Wayfair’s customer base grew by 13.07 million shoppers in just five years.

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The Death Spiral

Is Bed Bath & Beyond Dying?

We can sum Bed Bath & Beyond’s woes up in three words; Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Wayfair (NYSEL W), and Walmart (NYSE: WMT).

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Is Wayfair (NYSE: W) making Money?

Like TJX, Wayfair succeeds because it stays below the radar, caters to loyal customers, and offers great bargains. Another similarity is that Wayfair, like TJX, caters to women.
That is a smart strategy because women are the main shoppers for home furnishings. I think this partially explains why the market ignores Wayfair. To explain, most of the commentators and traders in the stock market are men who have little interest in home furnishing.
Moreover, most of the “experts” in e-commerce are men. Hence, Wayfair is cashing in by targeting a neglected segment of the market. In particular, Amazon has only made a big push into home furnishings in recent years.
On the other hand, both Walmart and Amazon have noticed Wayfair’s success. Not surprisingly, both Walmart and Amazon are making big offensives into the home furnishings market. Thus, Wayfair’s current success could be temporary.

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