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What is the Raiden Network (RDN) Anyway?


Raiden Network (RDN) Testing Micropayments

uRaiden could serve all the purposes outlined above because it is an interface between Ethereum and blockchain platforms.

uRaiden will apparently integrate with application programming interfaces (APIs) and platforms. That is important because APIs enable online platforms to talk to payment systems.

uRaiden contains a pay-per-use function that could easily pay for video or game content. Obvious uses of pay-per-use uRaiden include; PAYG installment plans, utility payments, and phone minutes. The uRaiden-Pay-Per-Use feature is up and running on the Ethereum Testnet.

An obvious use of uRaiden’s Pay-Per-Use feature is taking payments for YouTube videos. For example, YouTube reportedly had 1.8 billion users in May 2018. Pay-Per-View on platforms like Hulu, Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) and the WWE Network is another obvious use for uRaiden Pay-Per-Use. For instance, Netflix reportedly generated $11.69 billion in revenue in 2017.

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