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What Value does TenX (PAY) Have?


What Value does TenX (PAY) Have?

Therefore, TenX (PAY) has no Visa so what does it have? Basically, TenX has a digital wallet or protocol that converts cryptocurrency into fiat currency.

Such a wallet is a big deal because there are lots of people who want to convert cryptocurrency into fiat currency. Additionally, TenX has an application program interface (API) that can enable cryptocurrency transactions through smartphones.

However, TenX (PAY) has a lot of competition in that sphere. For example, Bancor (BNT) offers conversion protocols for both EOS (EOS) and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. In addition, both Uphold and CoinSwitch offer APIs that convert cryptocurrencies directly into fiat currencies.

Hence, TenX has some potentially valuable technology on its hands. The problem is that TenX seems to have no way of getting that technology out into the real world.

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