Do the Antivirus Programs for Windows XP Actually Work?

The good news is that there are a few good very antivirus programs that work well on XP. The bad news is that these programs are few and far between – so you will have to search for them. To make life easier we have listed a few of these programs here.

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A Review of Internet Browsers for Windows XP

A lot of people will hate to admit it but Internet Explorer 8 is still the best Windows XP browser around. Explorer 8 is very stable and highly-compatible with vast numbers of websites.

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Are 129 Million PCs still using Windows XP?

Windows XP is still the world’s third most popular operating system if those numbers are accurate. Netmarketshare calculated that the world’s most popular operating system is Windows 7 with a 46.63% market share. Second most popular is Windows 10 with a 29.26% market share.

Around two-thirds of the PCs in China and over half the PCs in Russia and India are running on unauthorized versions of Windows, Endgadget reported. The Software Alliance estimated that 70% of the computers in China, 64% of the computers in Russia, and 58% of the PCs in India are using bootlegged versions of Windows.

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