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Alipay Teams up with Yelp

Yelp then would be a great investment for Ant Financial; or Walmart, but a lousy investment for you because it is overpriced and makes little money. Although working with Yelp proves claims that Ant Financial is the world’s most value unicorn (pre-IPO company) and justifies the $70 million valuations for it. Smart investors should forget about Yelp and wait for Ant’s initial public offering (IPO) because Ant will be a value investment.

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The Death Spiral

Yelp is Not Making Money

Yelp (NYSE: YELP) is one of the worst and most overvalued stocks around these days. The business review service was trading at $33.71 a share on March 3, 2017, yet it was not making any money.

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Market Insanity

Does Groupon Have a Future?

Naturally, investors will want to know if Groupon makes money or has other value. This question is being driven by news that Alibaba Holdings (NYSE: BABA) has been quietly buying Groupon’s shares. People are wondering if Jack Ma knows something that we do not.

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