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The Benefits of Business Insurance

Business insurance is an absolute necessity. Here is a brief guide to the benefits of covering your business comprehensively.


Business insurance is a legal requirement in many places – usually if the business has employees or is subcontracting with other companies.


Insurance protects the reputation of a company with investors, consumers, other businesses and workers.

Reputation is a powerful thing indeed and contacting a company like KBD. a business insurance broker Montreal can help get a ball rolling that protects the reputation of a business. Other businesses that your company is contracting with may ask to see proof of comprehensive business insurance to make sure that losses can be covered as part of the contract.

Revenue Protection

At the end of the day, the aim of a business is to make money. Protecting the revenue of a business is the base aim of an insurance purchase.

Whether from workers’ compensation claims, product recalls, customer injuries, property damage or any other misfortune a company’s revenue is always subjected to some kind of risk. Insurance is about mitigating these risks and making sure that growth can continue despite setbacks.

The money spent on business insurance might seem like a large amount, but it is peanuts compared to the losses that can be incurred when there is no insurance in place to protect assets.

Employee Retention

One of the major kinds of risk that business insurance will cover is workers’ compensation. Workers are entitled to sue for compensation if they have been involved in an accident that was not their fault in the course of their work.

It is usually down to the business to pay compensation and make working practices safer. If a company has good business insurance, it will be able to reassure workers that compensation will be paid out readily for injuries on the job.

This, in turn, helps employees feel safer as they go about their jobs knowing that they will not become destitute if they are injured. A strong compensatory structure encourages employees to stay with a company. Employees are the most valuable resource a company can have – why not encourage them to stay as much as possible?

Protection Against The Unexpected

Sometimes, the things that have the potential to detrimentally effect your business cannot be predicted despite the best efforts of data hungry strategic planning. Things like global pandemics, fire and natural disaster can leave businesses in the lurch.

Having a comprehensive insurance package can help a business weather an unexpected storm. Care when picking insurance packages is very important. Some insurance plans will not cover pandemics or natural disaster, or stipulate a huge excess charge for events considered to be unlikely or unusual.

In Canada, many businesses found themselves at a huge loss thanks to investing in insurance policies that did not cover widespread illness at the start of the pandemic.  If your business has a big enough budget, you might want to consider hiring a legal professional to look over the insurance contracts that you are considering purchasing.