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The Facts About Online vs Offline Stores In 2018

Most retail stores now have an online presence even if they don’t have an e-commerce store yet. The world is slowly moving online. Chances are you will be left behind, without  the internet.

Some of the biggest brands out there made the move to online retail a good few years ago, and although the infographic created by Red Brain shows they have had some incredible sales, it is nothing compared to what their sales are in their physical stores.

Although people appreciate a brand being online, they are not ready to see their favourite brands disappear from the main streets completely.

Why Retailers Need to be Online

There are several reasons for this.

  • People enjoy the shopping experience, they consider it a social activity that can be done with friends and family. Many people make a day of it and will combine it with eating out or various other activities.

  • If people need a product urgently, the only way they will get it is if they physically make a purchase. Although e-commerce retailers are working on their delivery time, they can’t match the speed of someone going to a store and buying a product.

  • Going to a store gives people the ability to touch, try, and feel a product before they make a purchase. When looking online, the chances are all customers have to go by is an image and product description.

  • If a customer needs advice about buying a product, such as a technical item, going to the store gives her the ability to talk to someone face to face, which can help her with the purchasing decision.


Check out the informative infographic below to see how this stands true for some of the biggest brands in the world. With physical store sales dominating that of online sales, it doesn’t look like the high streets and malls are going anywhere, soon

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