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The Top 3 Ways To Promote Your Business Without Breaking The Bank

After the detrimental and devastating effect the worldwide coronavirus pandemic had on businesses across the spectrum of industry now, finally, businesses are slowly beginning to recover.

Due to this, plus a number of other factors influenced by the changing political and environmental landscape, businesses throughout the country are gearing up to grow and expand their customer base and brand presence.

With that being said, continue reading to discover the top eight ways to promote your business without breaking the bank.

1. Social Media Platforms

The rise of social media over the past decade or so has meant that numerous companies, both smaller, home-run businesses and larger companies, are turning to social media platforms to promote their brand.

There is a plethora of ways to do so; the beauty of such promotional methods being that, if you choose, you need not spend one penny in the process. Ways to promote your business on social media include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Advertise your social media accounts on all e-mail signatures and paperwork
  • Offer specific product discounts that can only be applied through social media
  • Be thorough in your profiles across the platforms
  • Be thorough in your profiles across the platforms
  • Tag your own products in each and every post
  • Run social media-specific rewards, giveaways and contests

2. Promotional Freebies

One of the most effective and incredibly affordable ways of promoting your business is to design bespoke items to giveaway to local businesses, schools, workplaces and even with every order that you receive.

There is a multitude of fantastic options when it comes to promotional freebies, from an exciting and intriguing custom magic 8 ball to more conventional and formal pens and other stationery items.

Advantages of promotional products include brand exposure, the natural longevity of such items, resonance and they are a cost-effective way to build brand awareness.

3. Podcast Advertisements

The digital age is well and truly upon us and whether you happen to like it or not, technology has changed entertainment forever.

Now, instead of the radio or even the television, more and more people are searching the various podcast providers for episodes and shows that discuss the topics they are most interested in. Logically then, it would certainly be prudent to consider advertising your own business within an episode of a show, naturally choosing the type and style of podcast wisely as obviously your business will become in some way synonymous with the show.

There are countless benefits to advertising through a podcast, such as the seamless way such adverts are sewn into the show, the level of aptitude at which your advertisement will be read out and the way that listeners trust and respond to the hosts they are familiar with.

Aside from the main three ways previously discussed, you could also promote your business using SEO, a PR company, e-mail marketing, press advertising and even postal mail.