The Truth About the Declining Rate of Divorce Unfolds

You have probably heard that 50% of all marriages end in divorce, but those statistics were released in the 1980s and unfortunately, they are still being cited today.

The real figures indicate that at least 39% of US marriages make it without ending in divorce and that may be very good news, indeed. Or is it? The truth is, there are several reasons why an increasing number of marriages ‘seem’ to survive at least the first ten years, but it’s not what you might think.

Some are saying that Millennials are more aware of what they want in life and that when they finally take the plunge, they are better prepared for the shared road ahead. But, are Millennials more aware? That may be the case some of the time, but in reality, there are other factors involved. So, let’s look at the truth behind the declining rate of divorce in the US.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up!

Actually, one of the biggest reasons why divorce is on the decline is because fewer couples are actually getting married. Although it looks like as many couples are getting married based on the number of weddings each year, you need to remember that the population is expanding and that could account for why it appears as if more and more couples are saying their vows.

In reality, the statistics on cheating are a huge reason why so many couples are cohabitating rather than making it official. The Ashely Madison hack of several years ago just goes to prove that men and women both are still cheating, and this scares off many couples from taking that final step. Living together is better accepted in the 21st century, and so many couples simply live together without the formality of marriage.

More People Are Actually Vetting Their Partners!

When it comes to statistics on divorce, we refer back to statistics on cheating. Today’s couples are now looking to technology to literally vet potential partners even before entering a relationship with them! They can use social media to track previous relationships and even hire forensics and cyber security teams to trace their history.

Do you know just how many men and women deny having been married when meeting a new potential partner? It’s pretty hard to come out with the truth when you’ve lied from the beginning, and this is why so many young couples take the time and resources to vet potential love affiliations even before that first date. It’s really one of the smartest ways to use technology in your personal life, but it is also a reason why marriage is on the decline.

A Closing Remark on Financial Affairs

Finally, there is the thought that, in many states, you could lose your proverbial shirt without a solid prenup drafted by an expert attorney. Typically, this is why so many people use technology to vet potential love interests before getting too involved, but foregoing that, you may be signing your financial health away when you sign that marriage license! This is, perhaps, the leading reason why the top earners wait longer or refuse to take the plunge. In any case, the numbers don’t exactly lie – they are just simply misleading.