Things you Need to Know Before Making an ACH Payment

No matter what type of business we hear of around us, all of them need a faster way to receive and send money. ACH  (Automated Clearing House) transfers are a quick way to receive and send money. Starting from bill payments, you can transfer personal payments, business-to-business payments, or government payments.

 It should be noted that it is also known as ACH schemes in some cases and its network is governed by the National Automated Clearing House.

Now you already know what a ACH payment is. But, are you knowledgeable enough  before jumping into it? If not, then let’s get down to get ideas about how this thing processes.

Did you know that there is strict adherence to transaction protocols at NACHA? If in any way you cannot deliver follow ACH instructions, your electronic payment will get declined.

What information is needed for ACH Transfer?

First of all, you have to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • ABA number/ routing number
  • Type of bank account. personal account or business account
  • Account number
  • Account number

If your account has the option to check-write, then you would readily be able to find the routing numbers and account number at the very bottom part of it.

While giving your account a nickname is optional, other pieces of inquiries are not. The financial account will already be holding you’re your personal information, and that’s why you won’t have to include details again.

The payment instruction does not fall under ACH instructions. It, however, is needed while making an individual transaction.

By this time, you have the basics about ACH as mentioned above, now let’s forge ahead with how to make an actual ACH transfer.

How to set up an ACH transfer

Make a choice between ACH debit and credit card: In order to perform the correct payments, you have to choose between ACH debit and credit card. So what are ACH debit cards and ACH credit cards?

An ACH credit is the type of payment where you don’t have to send the bank account details to the payee. People use this type of payment for bill services. With this, you provide authority to your financial institution so that it can send payments to the payee, for example in a car loan or utility company.

An ACH debit, on the other hand, builds the transaction with a payee. Here you must submit the details of payment including routing and account numbers to the payee. As you have to provide details, this type of payment is riskier compared to ACH credit where you have no such obligation.  However, both type of payment provides the same cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Executing the ACH transfer

Before transferring the payments through the ACH you might need some paperwork to complete. Although some companies may like the soft copy, either way, you have to take these into attention.

Firstly, you have to link accounts. And to do this, you have to provide the information above to the financial institution that is going to transact money.

Secondly, mention it specifically if your transaction is debit or credit where it originates.

 Third, enter the amount of payment.

Lastly, mention the payment date.

Be ready to receive ACH payments from customers

Whether your business is small or large, you need to accept & send ACH payment from different customers. And for this, you need to sign up for payment processing companies like Stripe, Plaid, or PaySimple. After that, they will give you all the necessary amenities a business owner might need to receive an electronic money transfer.

Point to remember:

  • You should limit your ACH billing to selective customers if you ever have experienced a high NSF rate or if you have detected that your customers are unlikely to have reliable payment forms.

To wrap it up, ACH billing has changed the financial network forever. Still, you have to be a wise person about handling it.  As you know the ins and outs of ACH, you should be able to make successful payments through it.

Basically, these are the things you need to know before performing an ACH payment. Hope our content has been helpful to your inquiries.