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Ties.Db Is Now Ready For Testing Of It’s Demo Network!

As the maker of the first public, decentralized, distributed, Byzantine fault-tolerant NoSQL database, Ties.DB is hugely excited to announce that we are ready to present a demo network.  Although Ties.DB has previously posted some elements of the protocol; we are now ready for full testing of the platform!

As a distributed blockchain database maker formerly known as Ties.Network, and founded by Alexander Neymark and Dmitry Kochin, Ties.DB will enable its customers to store data in formats native to blockchain and to host it in a distributed cloud, combining public and private hosting in a secure environment using blockchain technology.

We have set up three nodes to demonstrate how the network works, one being a coordinator node. At the moment, these are all project-run nodes.

Two interface options are ready — one for Microsoft Windows and the other for MacOS. Currently, interfaces are localized to Russian and English, but more languages will become available as development continues.

The network already supports many functions, including:

  • The ability to upload various content types, such as text, images, and PDFs.
  • Content descriptions can be added in any language.
  • A comprehensive content search. At the moment, any uploaded content can be seen (for demonstration purposes only). However, in the future, search results will be dependent on user privacy settings.
  • A multi-language interface is already in place. Other languages are temporarily disabled and will be introduced soon.
  • Descriptions are editable, and more complex files such as images may be overwritten.
  • New accounts can be added.
  • Users can have multiple accounts.

At the moment, all operations are free. The Ties.DB token economy will be introduced at a later date as it poses no technical difficulty to instate this.

To obtain a wallet and test the protocol, please contact Ties.DB CEO, Alexander Neymark via our website. Please make sure to specify the topic/subject as “Please create a Ties.DB Wallet for me” to avoid being marked as spam.

For the convenience of our users, we have created a test-ready demo App that features:

  • Account import using JSON
  • Multi-accounts
  • The signing of database records with a private key
  • File uploading, editing, and deletion

Out of all functions in place, the most important is the Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Even though three demonstration nodes are project-managed nodes, we are ready to provide nodes for any external test nodes; the system is test-ready.

The main goal of this demo network is to demonstrate the decentralization of the database and its immunity to BFT-type attacks. For now, wallets are open to our investors for private tests (please see above for instructions on how to apply for a wallet).

Ties.DB is a few steps away from becoming the world’s first operation decentralized database that provides Byzantine Fault Tolerance, speed, scalability, and functions that, up until now, could only be expected from a standard database. By opening up our network for preliminary tests, we are trailblazing the way into a new phase in the history of data storage technologies.

The Demo App is available at:

For more information, please visit