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Tips For Selling Your House Fast With Pets

Any real estate agent will tell you that selling your house becomes more challenging if you have pets. And it’s not just the non-pet owners who are a problem. Properties that have pets on the premises simply seem less attractive to the average home buyer than those that don’t.

Obviously this means that your house is probably going to spend more time on the market than similar listings without pets. However, there are some steps that you can take that can minimize the visibility of your pets and help you to sell your house much faster:

1. A Temporary Home

Most pet owners will be absolutely horrified at the suggestion but finding a temporary home for your pet/s is the best way to get your home to sell fast.

Whether a friend or family member is willing to take temporary custody or if you can afford a kitty doggy hotel, this may also be the better solution for your pets. The viewing process and packing up and moving can be very stressful on an animal and it may actually be in their best interests to provide them with a temporary alternative.

Think of it as an extended holiday for your four-legged or feathered friends.

2. Day Trips And Outings

Arrange to have your property listed as view-by-appointment only and take your dog, cat or feathered friend for an outing while potential buyers are viewing the property. For viewing days, arrange to take your pets along with you to friends or family.

Alternatively, find a pet friendly park or other establishment where your pets can play and enjoy the day. Remember to plan ahead and take plenty of water, food, toys and make sure that there is a comfy spot for them to rest when they are all played out.

3. Pet Paraphernalia

You are going to need to go through the house and yard with a fine tooth comb and remove any items associated with your pets. This includes bedding, housing, toys, food, bowls, litter boxes and any other items that may give potential buyers the idea that pets have been residing in the home.

You may want to hire a storage unit where you can place the items out of view and that you can access as and when you need – especially where larger items such as a doghouse are concerned. This is another reason why a temporary relocation for your pets is ideal.

4. Cleaning And Hygiene

If you have pets, it is more than likely that there are pet stains on carpets, furniture, walls and floors.

These pet stains are not just an eyesore but can also leave unwanted odors that are a dead giveaway that pets have been present to those discerning potential buyers. It is recommended to have your carpets, furniture and even drapes or curtains professionally deep cleaned before putting your house on show.

 In some cases, you may have to go the extra mile and replace carpeting that has become permanently stained or damaged by pets. However, your estate agent would probably recommend that you replace damaged or stained carpets whether you have a pet or not.

5. Repairs

Pets can cause damage to your property. Invest some time and money in repairing any damage that they have done and to hide the visible signs of pet presence. Bite and chew marks, scratch and scuff marks, all need to be removed before potential buyers view the property. A lick of paint is a good way to cover up evidence of pets and get rid of any remaining pet odors.

6. The Yard

If you have dogs that spend most of their time outdoors, then your yard is probably going to need some work.

Dogs tend to stick to the same routes around the house wearing paths and patches in the lawn. It is recommended to give these areas some TLC before showing the house as well as fill in holes or do a little landscaping where necessary.

 Your yard can be a big selling point for your home or it can have a huge negative impact. Make sure that there is absolutely no doggy poop lying around and dispose of it rather than wash it into the lawn with a hose.

You may adore your pets but potential home buyers won’t. So take some simple steps to get your home and property in pet-free shape and ensure a quick sale.