Top Tools to Market Your Brick Fundraising Campaign

When your organization decides that it’s time for a fundraiser, laser-engraved bricks are a great idea. These gifts for donors are personalized and will last for generations when they are etched with a laser, rather than sandblasted.

But, for your fundraiser to be a success, you must market it properly. For those who aren’t marketing every day, that can be challenging. To help set you up for great profits, use these tools for marketing your brick fundraiser.


This first tool is one that many non-profits overlook, or if they do use the software, they don’t use it well. That is unfortunate as PowerPoint has a lot to offer organizations in their fundraising efforts.

The slide-style program is one that helps you communicate your campaign in a well-crafted presentation, from why you want to raise funds to what the money will go toward. With that said, do not simply read from the slides with your back to the people who are your audience.

Instead, connect with them by using eye contact and show that you fully understand the topic. After all, if you don’t take the time to remember your main points, then you risk losing the confidence of those who would otherwise invest in your organization.

Press Release

Writing a press release can seem daunting, but the work is worth it. If you are not comfortable penning it yourself, outsource to a company that specializes in crafting them. There are templates readily available online that can serve as inspiration if you’re not sure how to start writing one.

As for where distribute the press release, stick to local outlets, such as newspapers and radio stations. You are more likely to have an impact in the community than with people in another country who are not yet familiar with your organization.

Furthermore, stick with local media so that you are not eating up profits before you even see them while marketing your fundraising campaign. Free promotions mean that you will reach your monetary goal sooner than you might otherwise in the press release, including how people can contact you to learn more about the bricks and purchase them.

Sample Brick

By showing donors what they will get with a sample engraved brick, you let them see the quality for themselves.

Choosing an engraver who uses the latest laser technology makes sense so that you get the best clarity and a durable product. Otherwise, you risk providing donors with a low-quality item that reflects poorly on your organization.

The sample brick shows potential donors what they can expect and the range of designs available to them. A few examples of what people want on laser engraved bricks are names, quotes, and logos.

By putting this sample item on display, you let the quality of the work speak for itself. When donors see what the brick looks like, they are more likely to support your fundraiser.


If you have a website already, then add a page for the fundraising campaign to it. Provide an attractive link to the campaign page from the homepage so that more people are likely to see it versus if it is hidden in a part of the website where no one knows it is there.

Also, share the link for the fundraising campaign to social media and with friends and family. To simplify the process of taking orders, you can even provide donors with the ability to order bricks online, right through your website. A great bonus of doing so is that you will have backend access to stats on your fundraising campaign, such as how many orders you receive, and you can easily manage those orders.

If your charity or another type of organization does not already have a website, consider creating one to attract donors to your brick fundraising campaign. There are many free and affordable options available, so you needn’t worry about outlaying huge costs to have a site.

Blog about the Fundraiser Too

In addition to having a static page on the website to tell people about the fundraiser, create dynamic blog content to provide updates on your efforts to subscribers. For example, one blog post can explain when the campaign will launch and what it is in aid of, such as raising funds to get new computers for the school.

The next blog post could be for the launch of the fundraiser. Continue to blog through your journey, updating readers on how much money is raised so far. Be sure to include photos of where the bricks will go, and examples of what people can order to be laser engraved on them.

Use Flyers

While many businesses focus their marketing efforts online, a great way to fundraise an engraved brick campaign locally is to distribute flyers. Consider renting a table at an exhibition, for example, to reach a lot of people without having to walk around to individual businesses.

Have your flyers ready at the table and discuss the fundraising campaign with anyone who comes along. Have that sample brick discussed earlier at the table so that those who are considering donating to your cause can see what they will get for their money.

To get more people to your table at the event, put up an eye-catching banner as part of the display. Blowing up some balloons can also bring attention to your booth.

Final Thoughts on Your Etched Brick Fundraiser Campaign

Be sure to see your campaign through to the sales goal, even if it does not go exactly how it was originally imagined to be, or you get sidetracked. Using the tools above, you will find that the marketing process is easier than if you don’t know what resources to use or how to best use them.

Donor bricks are a custom item that is popular with a wide range of people because of its personalized touch. A reputable engraving company will help your organization meet its fundraising campaign objectives and can even suggest other marketing options for the bricks.