Tucker Carlson shows everything wrong with our Media

Tucker Carlson is doing us all an important service by exposing how the media really works. The Fox News talker has suddenly become incredibly honest, brave, and original in his thinking.

Disturbingly, Carlson’s refreshing honesty only came after many advertisers dropped his show. To explain, back on 13 December 2018, Carlson said immigration makes America “dirtier.”

Half of Carlson’s advertisers took that comment as racist and dropped Tucker Carlson Tonight. In fact, half of Carlson’s advertisers left and never came back, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Tucker Carlson admits the Left is right

Now that the advertisers are leaving Carlson has taken a left-wing turn. In fact, Carlson now sounds like self-described socialist and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York).

For instance, on January 3, 2019, Carlson says “The goal for America is both simpler and more elusive than mere prosperity.” He adds, “It’s happiness. There are a lot of ingredients in being happy; Dignity, purpose, self-control, independence, above all, deep relationships with other people.”

“To me, what socialism means is to guarantee a basic level of dignity,” Ocasio-Cortez told Vogue.

Fox News host says America is ruled by Mercenaries

Interestingly, Carlson shares Ocasio-Cortez and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vermont) opinion of America’s ruling class.

“But our leaders don’t care,” Carlson charges. “We are ruled by mercenaries who feel no long-term obligation to the people they rule. They’re day traders. Substitute teachers. They’re just passing through.”

“They have no skin in this game, and it shows,” Carlson says of the ruling class. “They can’t solve our problems. They don’t even bother to understand our problems.”

“When you care about people, you do your best to treat them fairly,” Carlson says. “Our leaders don’t even try.”

“Under our current system, an American who works for a salary pays about twice the tax rate as someone who’s living off inherited money and doesn’t work at all,” Carlson claims. “We tax capital at half of what we tax labor. It’s a sweet deal if you work in finance, as many of our rich people do.”

Fox News Host admits they stack the economy in favor of the rich

Thus, a Fox News host admits the elite rig the tax system and the economy in favor of the rich. Surprisingly, Carlson even singled out a Republican superstar as one of those rich people.

“In 2010, for example, Mitt Romney made about $22 million dollars in investment income,” Carlson calculates. “He paid an effective federal tax rate of 14%.”

“For normal upper-middle-class wage earners, the federal tax rate is nearly 40%,” Carlson adds. “No wonder Mitt Romney supports the status quo. But for everyone else, it’s infuriating.”

Fox News host says Market capitalism is not a religion

Carlson even has the chutzpah to take a swipe at modern American capitalism and sounds a great deal like a leftist. Tucker comes out and says, “Market capitalism is not a religion.”

“Market capitalism is a tool, like a staple gun or a toaster,” Carlson lectures. “You’d have to be a fool to worship it.”

Hence Tucker Carlson called most of the intellectuals at the big conservative think tanks in Washington fools. Moreover he is calling most of President Donald J. Trump’s (R-New York) “economic advisors” and most Republican U.S. Senators fools.

“Thriving families make market economies possible,” Carlson points out. “You can’t separate the two.”

“Any economic system that weakens and destroys families is not worth having,” Carlson says. “A system like that is the enemy of a healthy society.”

Incidentally, Carlson admits that Republican leaders are out of touch. He denounces the free-market dogma generated by conservative media outlets a nothing but “corporate propaganda.”

Fox News host rural America now looks a lot like Detroit

Incredibly, Carlson even has the guts to compare the situation in America’s inner cities in the 1980s with rural America today.

“In many ways, rural America now looks a lot like Detroit,” Carlson admits. “Yet, the pathologies of modern rural America are familiar to anyone who visited downtown Baltimore in the 1980s.” According to Carlson, those pathologies are; “stunning out-of-wedlock birthrates, high male unemployment, a terrifying drug epidemic.”

Actually, rural America could be worse than Detroit or Baltimore today. At least there is economic development going on in Detroit and Downtown Baltimore. Many small towns have experienced no economic growth since the 1960s.

Tucker Carlson Repentant Mercenary

My prediction is they will delete Tucker Carlson from Fox News soon. Carlson will soon be somewhere like The Atlantic, or the Huff Post or pushing his own podcasts.

The worst part of the Tucker Carlson drama is that he admits America’s present economic system does not work for most Americans. Moreover, it sounds as if Carlson has grasped this truth for a long time; but he was afraid to talk about it until his job security vanished.

Carlson is right about the mercenaries in our ruling classes. However, he does not admit that our media is full of those mercenaries as well. Instead, Carlson’s much-vaunted monologue; which began as a simple critique of a Mitt Romney op-ed, sounds like the confessions of a repentant mercenary.

Tucker Carlson’s Fate exposes media hypocrisy

I have to wonder how long before the media brands Carlson a “racist” and runs him off of the conservative reservation.

Hopefully, Carlson will use the rest of his time in the spotlight to make a few more confessions. They’re stunning and refreshing.

Disturbingly, Carlson’s fate exposes the horrendous hypocrisy inherent in the media. To explain, Fox News had no problem with Carlson’s racism as long as he paid lip-service to the free-market orthodoxy.

The minute Carlson attacked the neoliberalism Fox, and the advertisers moved to delete him. Hence, racism is okay in America’s media as long as the racist follows the free market party line. See Donald J. Trump for a perfect example of a market-loving racist Big Media is okay with.

Tucker Carlson exposes Conservative Hypocrisy

Hypocritically, conservatives are using the weapons of the politically correct leftists; they claim to despise, to destroy Carlson. To explain, the PC crowd on the campuses uses the slightest hint of racism to drive out anybody they dislike.

Incidentally, Carlson’s hope is that Republican leaders will come round to his way of thinking. Thus I think the GOP will disappoint Carlson. Unless there’s a clone of Teddy Roosevelt out there I haven’t heard of, I predict the GOP will disappoint Carlson.

Tucker Carlson is an important voice with a unique perspective and a vital critique of American society. Hopefully, the corporate propagandists and mercenary elitists will not silence him.

If we are to restore dignity and the American Dream, many more corporate mercenaries will have to repent. There will be blood in America’s streets unless we listen to people like Tucker Carlson.