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Various reasons for being slow in learning

Are some people slow learners while others fast learners? Many people probably ask themselves the same questions, especially when they feel they have not achieved more in an inevitable part of life.

The current condition of lifestyle has forced many people to stay indoors. Coronavirus is a deadly pandemic that has killed many people and caused fear among millions. Due to the current state of condition in life, many people’s daily routines have been altered.

When you are not an active learner, you would like you are taking too long to memorize new knowledge or catch up with a new skill. You may end up believing that you are a slow learner, but that may not be the case.

Slow learning may be caused by our attitude towards a particular topic, our ability to focus, and our mindset. We will help you discover the reasons for slow learning on a dissertation coaching website.

A lack of focus causes slow learning

When students are learning, they need to focus on that topic as the focus is the key to learning. Lack of full attention to whatever you are learning makes learning slow and more difficult for students. Students who are distracted take a longer time to learn than those who focus their full attention on their studies.

When you improve your focus, you will be amazed by the rate at which you internalize content. There are different ways to enhance your guide, including the following tips;

Look for a distraction-free and quiet environment

Have you ever studied in a noisy environment or read a book while charting using your phone? It is impossible to concentrate on your studies.

The best action to take is to remove the distractions surrounding you to improve your focus. Look for a quiet environment where you can carry out your studies in a proper manner without interruption.

Remain focused rather than refocusing

There is an illusion that some people can multitask though multitasking does not exist. What people assume to be multitasking is the ability to switch from one task to another.

The main thing is changing jobs. Some people may be good at switching tasks, while others are poor in switching from one task to another.  When we switch from one task to another, we lose focus and refocus most of our time. Many things demand a lot of our focus and mental energy, such as learning.

For us to be more productive, we first need to avoid switching tasks. The best way is to block some unnecessary charges and focus on learning before doing other tasks.

We focus more when our minds and bodies are healthy and rested enough

Sleep deprivation, dehydration, unhealthy habits, and poor nutrition affect human beings’ ability to focus.

The student’s learning capacity or memory can attribute our learning capabilities in a given day to our memories or reasoning powers. You have to eat healthy, exercise and have enough sleep. You must keep your body in top condition to learn effectively and focus on your work.

Beliefs and mindset influence our learning process

We should not be limited in our thinking or a fixed mindset. Some people believe that human beings cannot change their attributes because they were born with the features.

People with fixed mindsets cannot progress because their minds are blocked to change. People who are open to new ideas quickly grow since they possess a growth mindset.

They get motivated, work harder and stretch their abilities for improvement. When you believe that you cannot change your learning ability, you may take time to learn or quit your education.

Unrealistic expectations make us think that we are slow in learning

Many people pick up a new skill and expect the learning process to be fast and smooth. The reality is that the learning process takes time and effort.

There is nothing easy in life; everything depends on our focus and determination. Many adults fear getting into new ventures because they believe that they know more in their careers and don’t require new skills. The hardest thing is not attaining the results in the desired moment.

We blame ourselves because we forget how it feels to learn a new skill. We think we are slow to learn and even give up. We must control our expectations and have realistic expectations. Some people learn faster in the beginning, while others learn fast in the late stages. We must understand our capabilities to learn.

Our past learning process affects our current learning

There is a difference between those who learned a particular skill to those who are new to the activity. A person learning a recent activity related to the area of their expertise will automatically learn the skill faster.


We should not compare ourselves with others because everybody can learn. The learning process requires a positive mind, the ability to learn, and our attitude. We have to embrace positivity in all aspects of life.