Can EarthFund (1EARTH) save the World?

EarthFund (1EARTH) shows you can attract attention by claiming to do good. EarthFund is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that promises to put the power of global change in its members’ hands.

CoinMarketCap named 1EARTH the third most trending cryptocurrency on 6 April 2022. Yet CoinMarketCap gave 1Earth a 30.54₵ Coin Price on 12 April 2022.

The idea at EarthFund is to use a DAO to crowdfund world-changing causes. In particular, EarthFund will fund projects that focus on mental health and wellbeing and Carbon Removal to combat climate change.

What is EarthFund?

However, EarthFund does not appear to be funding any projects now. Instead, EarthFund has 238 pending projects under consideration. Yet, EarthFund has raised some money. It had $19.710 million in assets under management on 12 April 2022. The EarthFund DAO had 8.54 million votes, one proposal, and 20 members on 6 April 2022.

Users can propose new causes for EarthFund to finance and vote on them. EarthFund will create communities to investigate projects and crowdfund them with crypto donations and donate crypto. Users can be rewarded with crypto.

They plan to reward EarthFund users with 1EARTH tokens through the EarthFund Partner Portal. They claim 1EARTH offered a live APY of 79.7% and a total locked value of $1.278 million on 6 April 2022.

WhatValue Does EarthFund (1EARTH) have?

Mr. Market is buying EarthFund (1EARTH). CoinMarketCap named EarthFund the 1492nd argest cryptocurrency on 12 April 2022.

CoinMarketCap gave 1EARTH a Coin Price of 30.84₵, a $2.244 million Market Cap, a $30.9371 million  Fully Diluted Market Cap, and an $4.968 million 24-Hour Market Volume on 6 April 2022. They base those numbers on a Circulating Supply of 72.754 million 1EARTH, a Maximum Supply of one billion 1EARTH, and a Total Supply of one billion 1EARTH.

In contrast, CoinBase gave EarthFund (1EARTH) a 30.91₵ Coin Price, a $2.2 million Market Cap, and a $4.8 million 24-Hour Market Volume on 12 April 2022. They based those numbers on a Circulating Supply of 72.8 million 1EARTh. Coinbase gave 1EARTH an all-time high Coin Price of 46₵.

I think 1EARTH has no value because it is not doing anything. 1EARTH is a good idea for a cryptocurrency and a DAO, but it has no value yet because they are not supporting any causes. My advice is to stay away from 1EARTH until they can show EarthFund is financing a project.