Which developer produces the best casino games in terms of graphics?

Online casinos with hundreds of games have well and truly changed the way that we all like to gamble, bringing the unbeatable casino experience directly to your computer screen.  

These days online casino developers need to make sure that their games appear in HD quality, because graphics have become one of the best ways to stand out. Keep reading to find out which developer produces the best casino games in terms of graphics…

The evolution of graphics in casino games

For the most old-school of gamblers the concept of graphics in casino games will be confusing. Back in the early days of casino graphics weren’t really a thing, mainly because of the complete absence of digital screens. The closest you could come to casino game graphics was with the first slot machines.

This all started to change after the invention of RNGs though, Random Number Generators that allowed casino game developers to use digital screens on their games. Graphics in the 20th century were still fairly pixelated, but in the last two decades HD graphics have become the norm with things like online slots.

A few reasons why casino game graphics are important

Are you still struggling to understand why casino game graphics are important? We wouldn’t blame you, because HD graphics is something that is more closely associated with video games. In the modern world HD casino game graphics are very important, however, you can read about a few reasons below:

  • Commercial competition: For online slot developers in particular HD graphics are very important. Gamblers are more likely to play slots with clear and colorful graphics, for example, which therefore means that developers who are proficient in delivering HD graphics will earn more money.
  • Playing time: Another reason why casino game developers are so committed to making sure their graphics are as clear as possible is because it means that gamblers will be able to play for longer without hurting their eyes.
  •  Innovation: Without HD casino game graphics it would be difficult for developers to innovate, especially when it comes to things like virtual reality casinos. For this to work the graphics have to be impeccable, yet another reason why casino game graphics are important. 

The top developers for HD graphic casino games

  • Yggdrasil: Yggdrasil is a relatively new online slot developer, having been established less than a decade ago, however they are already amongst the frontrunners in the industry. Right from the start the Scandinavian company was committed to super HD graphics, and it has more than paid off. Just check out games like Vikings Go To Hell as an example.
  • Inspired Gaming: Although they don’t have nearly as many online slots as rivals such as NetEnt, Inspired Gaming’s creators put themselves on the map as the best developer for graphics with their scintillating title Centurion.