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Solutions for America’s Housing Crisis

Notably, the number of mobile homes in the United States has fallen dramatically. Statista estimates there were 6.8 million mobiles in the United States in 2014 that number fell to 2.88 million in 2020, 2.42 million in 2021, and 2.04 million in 2022. The number of mobile homes nationwide could fall below two million to 1.72 million in 2023, Statista projects.
I think the disappearance of mobile homes is a principal cause of the housing shortage. Hence, allowing mobile homes could alleviate the housing crisis.

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Documenting Neglect in Nursing Homes

Keep a copy of all medical records and ensure that it is complete with notes written by medical professionals regarding any injuries, abuse, or neglect. Take photos of all medical records, reports, notes, and other documents you see. Once you take the photos, store them off camera.

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