Ten Bizarre Things about Dr. Seuss

2.He was a decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. The Army promoted Geisel to Lt. Colonel on 13 January 1946. Seuss received the promotion and the Legion of Merit medal for his service creating propaganda and training films during World War II.

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The Truth About the Declining Rate of Divorce Unfolds

The real figures indicate that at least 39% of US marriages make it without ending in divorce and that may be very good news, indeed. Or is it? The truth is, there are several reasons why an increasing number of marriages ‘seem’ to survive at least the first ten years, but it’s not what you might think.

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Did the AI Joe Rogan Pass the Turing Test?

The Rogan AI apparently runs on Foundations, Dessa’s commercial AI platform. Significantly, Dessa is selling Foundations to business.

Foundations will serve as a platform and operating system for AI to operate on. Thus, a good way to think of Foundations is as a “Windows for artificial intelligence.” Remember, Windows took software to the masses by offering an easy to use operating system.

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Job Killer Bank of America offers $20 an hour Pay

Technological unemployment hurts women more than men. In fact, Data USA estimates 83.8% of bank tellers are female. In detail, Data USA estimates there are 326,128 bank tellers in the United States.

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America is at China’s Mercy but our leaders do not know it – yet

Furthermore, a Visual Analyst projection shows that America will be the world’s largest third largest economy in 2030. Specifically, the Visual Analyst predicts China will have the largest GDP in 2030 with $64.2 trillion. Meanwhile, India will be number two with $46.3 trillion in GDP, and the USA will be number three with $31 trillion.

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Why we ignore Technological Unemployment

Unfortunately, a high school dropout losing her job sorting mail or opening envelopes is not a good news story. However, that is the real face of technological unemployment in America.

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Four great news apps to keep you updated every day

The finance sector offers a variety of apps from established names such as CNBC, The Financial Times, Fox and others. However, the style, layout, usability and depth of the Bloomberg Business News app makes this one our finance news app of choice

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Why America must Avoid a Trade War With China

Essentially, the United States will have to return to 1930s levels of economic activity to survive a trade war with China. For instance, much of the population will have to do without new consumer goods for years; or never, to harm the People’s Republic. In addition, the United States could have to endure several years of 25% or 30% unemployment.

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Porsche Kills Diesel

Porsche is still committed to gasoline, despite its well-publicized electric car plans.

“Petrol engines are well suited for sporty driving,” Blume told the press.

Despite Blume and Lutz’s pronouncements, Porsche plans to invest €6 billion ($7 billion) in electrification, Tech Crunch estimates. Markedly, half of all Porsche vehicles could feature an electric drive by 2025.

Importantly, Porsche will invest $580 million (€492 million) to make the Taycan a reality. The Taycan is the all-electric sports car formerly known as the Mission E. Auto industry observers expect the Taycan to reach the market in 2019.

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