The Myths of Cultural Conservatism

In detail, cultural conservatives believe culture is all that matters. In their limited imaginations, money does not matter. Nor do such conservatives believe economic forces shape human behavior.

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12 Things Every Freelancer Should Know

7. Learn how to fire clients. As a freelancer you will encounter clients that are abusive, irrational, unresponsive, stupid, rude, arrogant etc.

Working with such clients is a waste of time. Hence, you should learn how to fire such clients by telling them will not fill their order.

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Be Scared because Conservatives are Afraid

Like Gotham City’s mobsters conservatives have turned to a corrupt and irrational champion out of fear.

Hence, the Left helped create Trump just as Batman is partially responsible for the Joker. To explain, Trump uses the left-wing culture warriors’ weapons and tactics for his own aggrandizement and amusement. Just as the Joker uses Batman’s over-the-top vigilantism for his own amusement.

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Can Cyberwarfare Lead to World Peace?

Interestingly, MAD could work with cyberweapons just like it works with nuclear weapons. 

Unlike Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Texas); the president who began the Vietnam War, Donald J. Trump (R-New York) fears an immediate cyberattack from countries like North Korea or Venezuela. Thus, Trump’s power to attack other nations is far less than LBJ’s.

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How Silicon Valley’s Quest for Immortality will Shape Future Politics

“I need to keep my taxes as low as possible to have as much money to spend on life extension as possible.”

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Yes, Nationalism is dead

Thus, the death of nationalism is like Friedrich Nietzsche’s infamous “God is dead” declaration. To explain, Nietzsche did not believe in God’s death, or that people had stopped believing in “God.” Instead, he concluded correctly, that God was no longer the primary focus of Western Civilization.

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America’s Search for salvation through politics

Finally, I predict that all those seeking a Strongman, a Strongwoman, or political savior will be disappointed. Instead, of making America great again the next strongman or strongwoman will leave a trail of disappointment and broken faith in his or her wake.

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A Second Constitutional Convention could destroy America as know it

Instead, of renewing America a modern Constitutional Convention could blow it apart.

Hence, all it could take is the votes of five state legislatures to rewrite the U.S. Constitution and radically change America’s system of government. Moreover the disruption unleashed by A Second Constitutional Convention; or Con-con, will be far greater than anything America has seen since the Civil War.

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Tucker Carlson shows everything wrong with our Media

“Market capitalism is a tool, like a staple gun or a toaster,” Carlson lectures. “You’d have to be a fool to worship it.”

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The Looming Catastrophe in South America

The greatest danger from Venezuela is a refugee crisis provoked by hunger. Frighteningly, the Brookings Institution predicts up to eight million refugees could feel Venezuela, The Miami Herald reports.

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