Ominous Parallels the Civil War Era and Modern America

Beware Moderate Compromises. Historians list the moderate efforts to end the conflicts of the 1850 as some of the main causes of the Civil War. Every such effort, the Compromise of 1850, the Fugitive Slave Act, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act made things worse.

Radicalism intensifies. The extremists of the 1850s; the Radical Abolitionists and the Southern Fire Eaters, became bolder, increasingly rabid, and more aggressive as the decade went on.

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How The New York Times’ Anonymous Op-Ed Helps Trump

Both Trump supporters and opponents need to be leery of media outlets like The New York Times. At the end of the day, their agenda is simply to help the rich make money.

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Top Things to consider before turning your home into an Airbnb

Some basic preparation can make the difference between a highly rated Airbnb that makes money and a low-rated failure. You can lay the groundwork for that preparation and Airbnb success with a careful examination of your home.

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Basic Income Question and Answer

Question: So basic income is necessary to save capitalism from itself?
Answer: Yes. Wealth should be redistributed so capitalism benefits everybody. If it is not anti-capitalist ideas like socialism and Marxism will become popular.

The best way to think of Basic Income is as capitalism for everybody. In today’s America only a few people enjoy capitalism, even though it is generating more wealth than ever. I want everybody enjoying capitalism, not just Jeff Bezos and Ivanka Trump.

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What’s wrong with Conservatives These Days?

The final; and probably fatal, flaw in modern American conservatism is its complete rejection of modernity.

The most destructive attribute of the narcissistic and self-destructive remains of American conservativism is its systematic denial of ugly realities.
The great weakness of today’s self-styled conservatives is their tendency to deny almost any unsettling truth.

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Philosophy of Taxation

The major goal of an income tax system in a capitalist economy such as ours should be to get as much wealth as possible in circulation to stimulate growth. Therefore we must tax those who hoard wealth, not those who create it.

The best way to achieve that would be to pay a basic income to every person with an individual income level that is at or below or the national average. That would be around $58,000 a year which is the average individual income in the United States.

The United States experienced its highest economic growth rate of 16.9% back in 1950; when the highest income tax rate was 92%, Trading Economics calculated. By January 2018; after decades of tax cuts intended to “stimulate the economy,” the growth rate was 2%.

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How to Pay for Basic Income

The best way to finance Basic Income in America would be an individual income tax. That would leave the corporations which generate wealth, untouched but reduce income inequality.

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Children Need a Basic Income

Fortunately, child poverty can be addressed by simply paying the basic income to everybody regardless of age. This would be a true Universal Basic Income that would help the entire family – not just the children.
Another use parents can make is to put the basic income into a bank account as a college savings. Most importantly, the money would be going to parents, not to social workers and other bureaucrats. It would be more likely to benefit the kids directly where they live.

A country should be judged on what it does for children and how it supports parents. By those standards, America is doing a terrible job. A nation that refuses to support the most important workers of all; parents in the most important job of all, parenting deserves to fail.

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Can Basic Income save Capitalism from Itself?

The problem in our society is that the benefits of capitalism are not widely distributed. Tens of millions of Americans have little or no stake in our capitalist economy, and no reason to defend capitalism or expand it. Those people may not join the mob that is lynching the rich and looting their mansions, but they will not lift a finger to stop the reign of terror.
Our society is unequal because human nature dictates that those in charge of the system will rig it to capture and hoard as much of the wealth as possible for themselves.

I support basic income because it seems like the best means of eliminating the economic insecurity that is undermining our democracy and threatening capitalism’s survival. There is simply no way that capitalism can survive without an effective mechanism for wealth redistribution. Basic income might be that mechanism.

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