A New Agenda for America

The idea behind this agenda is a simple one to create an economy that shares the benefits of capitalism with all Americans. If we do not do the hard work necessary to build such an economy, America will face serious political and social unrest.

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Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Progress?

Even though the world is safer, more peaceful, cleaner, freer, healthier, and more prosperous than ever before a lot of people cannot accept that reality. The better things get; the more some people refuse to notice, and the harder they resist progress and the thinking behind it.

Behind almost every argument against progress there will be a person fearing for his or her livelihood.

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How many Jobs can Technology Kill?

Technological Unemployment will be far more widespread and destructive than most people expect.

1. Technology will kill large numbers of jobs over the course of the next few decades.

2. Technology will create vast numbers of new jobs over the next few decades.

3. Income inequality is likely to get a lot worse. There will be a lot more rich people and many more poor people around.

4. The destruction of jobs will lead to widespread cultural, political, social, and economic upheaval.

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Basic Income would be better than a Jobs Guarantee

• Since it would not help vast numbers of citizens, the jobs guarantee will do little to alleviate poverty.

• A jobs guarantee would make easy for politicians and everybody else to ignore poverty. Conservatives can say there is no need for social programs because there are jobs available for the poor.
• Government agencies would be turned into adult daycare centers for the most dysfunctional members of our society by the jobs guarantee.
• A jobs guarantee would erode people’s incentive for self-advancement and improvement. Many people will ask; “why should I go to trade school or college when there is a no-brain and no-work government ‘job’ that pays $15 an hour waiting for me right now.”

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Why Uncle Sam Should Pay Teachers $1,000 a month

The federal government should pay public and charter school teachers $1,000 in cash each month.

A direct federal payment to teachers would not solve every problem education but it would be a good place to start. Once teacher salaries go up we can begin to address the rest of the criminal underfunding that our schools face.

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How the Baby Boomers Wrecked America – and tried to Wreck the World

Like a true sociopath, Baby Boomer America breaks stuff – then refuses to pay the bill. Harry S. Truman and George C. Marshall are undoubtedly rolling over in their graves.

Unfortunately, this is just a sampling of the sociopathic behavior of Boomers in power. Gibney’s expose of Boomer malfeasance is far more detailed but disturbingly he does not go far enough.

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Fiat Currency is Broken, can Cryptocurrency fix it?

If cryptocurrency critics are serious about halting the rise of the altcoin economy they need to start addressing and fixing the problems with fiat currency. In particular, they need to address the disconnect between the financial system and fiat currency. Unless that occurs cryptocurrency’s popularity will keep growing and it might overwhelm fiat currency at some point.

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Truisms of Wisdom

“Nostalgia is the first refuge of those with no imagination.”

“Nostalgia is one of the most dangerous diseases on Earth. The person who discovers a cure for it will become a billionaire.”

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Is it time to Change How we pick the President?

Something must be done because it is getting difficult for our government to undertake basic functions like setting a budget. Under our current system, effective government is becoming impossible and the Presidency is becoming a meaningless office. Some sort of drastic reform is needed to prevent a crisis of government; or a situation in which America is totally leaderless.
Such figures raise serious questions about the coherence of our society and the long-term viability of our democracy. Can a society where a large percentage of the population refuses to accept the legitimacy of the government? History demonstrates that countries like the Soviet Union; where many citizens viewed the government as illegal, collapsed.

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