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Is PayPal (PYPL) now a Value Investment?

PayPal Holdings (PYPL) is making money. The finance app maker reported a quarterly gross profit of $2.763 billion and a quarterly operating income of $711 million on 31 March 2022.

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How Much Cash do the FAANG Stocks Have?

I think a group of stocks I call the NAMPOF, or NAMPOM, is an excellent alternative to the FAANG.

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Can PayPal (PYPL) make money from Cryptocurrency?

Any U.S. PayPal account holder will be able hold Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in his or her digital wallet later this year, The Verge claims. PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) will accept cryptocurrency payments on Venmo in 2021, Reuters claims.

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Can PayPal’s Endless Growth Continue?

I have to wonder what happens to PayPal’s Venmo if Cash App rolls out a cryptocurrency that is fast, scalable, and easy to use? Fortunately, for PayPal, today’s cryptocurrencies are slow, cumbersome, and hard to use.

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How Netflix, Amazon, PayPal and Apple sell time

Thus, Jeff Bezos’ actual genius is not in retail or discounting but in saving time. Consequently, Amazon Prime offers one stop shopping, delivery, music, and streaming video.

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Grocery Wars

Can PayPal Profit from Coronavirus?

One reason PayPal grows is that it takes advantage of fresh opportunities. For example, PayPal added a quick read (QR) code reader to its mobile app, CNET reports.

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PayPal Grows and Grows and Grows

Impressively, I estimate PayPal added 26 million accounts between 2nd Quarter 2018 and 2nd Quarter 2019. In addition, Statista estimates PayPal’s peer-to-peer (P2P) app Venmo had 40 million active accounts and a $24-billion net payment volume in 2nd Quarter 2019.

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An Alternative to the FAANG

Thus you could buy over four shares of NAMPOF for the cost of one unit of FAANG. To elaborate, $876.46 multiplied by four is $3,543.80. Meanwhile the combined cost of FAANG was $3,779.46 on 13 September 2019.

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Grocery Wars

Google Pay in Scandinavia

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is desperate to get people to use Apple Pay. In fact Apple employees were wandering around Chicago begging people to use the mobile wallet.
Apple salespeople were going door to door on October 7 in Chicago’s Lincoln Park in an effort to push the wallet, Bloomberg claims. The “ambassadors” were touting a $1 taco promotion at food trucks in an effort to promote Apple Pay.
Apple claims that 60% of US merchants have the equipment to accept Apple Pay. Unfortunately, most of the big names in American retail including Walmart, Kroger, and Target, refuse to accept Apple Pay.
Notably, Target (NYSE: TGT) even refuses to accept Apple Pay in its wireless Skip the Line system. To explain, Skip-the-Line is a mobile device that lets shoppers pay Target associates with credit cards or the Target app without going to a cash register. However, Apple Pay users can pay at Target through the Target app.

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Long Ideas

American Express is a Great Dividend Stock

That attention to value and customer’s needs is American Express’s true value.

Specifically, Amex understands that its customers are human beings with specific needs and desires. American Express buys its customers’ loyalty with attention to their needs.

To put it differently, American Express owes its continued success to good old-fashioned customer service. Amex justifies its interest rates and fees with a high level of customer service.

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