Advantages of Online Banks

The best online banks deploy some of the money that isn’t needed for maintaining bank branches into technology to make the online experience easier and safer.

If you search for the banks that offer the highest interest rates on savings accounts and certificates of deposit, you’ll find the top of the list dominated by the best online banks. It’s no mystery – running a bank is less expensive if you don’t have to pay for and staff brick-and-mortar branch offices. The top online banks pass on (some portion of) the savings to customers, which means more interest income in your pocket.

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Sharpe Capital; this Cryptocurrency is Based on Prediction Markets

Sharpe plans to take prediction markets and behavior based investment to the next level with a “Global Sentiment Index” in December. The idea is to create indexes of stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities and other investments based on market sentiment.

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Will Digital Wallets Trigger a Financial Crisis?

Such a crisis would be catastrophic because Alipay and WeChat Pay reportedly processed $16 trillion worth of payments last year.
To make matters worse, WeChat Pay alone had 600 million users in August 2017, Statista calculated. Furthermore, Alipay had 400 million users. Therefore one billion people might be affected by a collapse of those organizations.

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Is CVS Health Making Money?

The idea is to create a private enterprise that functions something like Britain’s National Health Service (NHS). That is one stop shopping for all your health insurance and healthcare needs. The NHS operates hospitals and provides health insurance in the United Kingdom.

CVS is more like the NHS than many people think; it already operates more than 1,100 MinuteClinic walk-in healthcare facilities, for example. There are MinuteClinics in 33 states and the District of Columbia that have received more than 37 million visits.

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Washington DC taxes Uber to Fund Subway

Strangely enough, Washington’s tax might be very good for Lyft and Uber. Transforming ridesharing into a revenue source gives local governments a strong incentive to promote the practice.

Efforts to ban or restrict Uber will fall on deaf ears at city council meetings. If the councilors are looking at the big checks those companies are writing to the city treasury.

Taxing Uber and Lyft now before self-driving rideshares and flying taxis become common place is a smart move. If the wealthy want to opt out of the common transportation system, make them pay for the privilege.

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What’s wrong with Full Employment?

The sorry reality of full employment, demonstrates that the jobs economy is a failure. Simply providing individuals with a “job” does not improve lifestyles or achieve social stability.
Creating large numbers of shit jobs will generate social and political unrest. Bored workers in crappy jobs will be more likely to engage in violence or civil disobedience. Individuals that get little or nothing for their time and labor will quit or revolt.

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Is Citigroup Making Money?

The good news for investors is that Citi is very good at credit cards and customer service. The company will refund some money to 1.75 million customers that did not receive a planned interest rate reduction.

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CDs are dead but Vinyl Lives

A likely outcome of this is the only CDs left will be those from superstars with guaranteed audiences; such as Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Swift did sell over 500,000 CDs of her Redemption album. That is nothing compared to digital; where Swift sold 925,000 copies of her Reputation album in three days last year.

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