39 Facts about Uber

Uber is changing the face of our cities and the way we get around. It might disrupt far more than that by deploying such technologies as self-driving cars, same-day delivery solutions, new types of auto insurance, and even flying cars.

Despite countless scandals and an incredible amount of controversy, it appears that Uber is here to stay. The size and scope of this company is incredible, and its potential for disruption is vast. The infographic below will show you just how big and how disruptive Uber really is.  

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The Alphabet Money Machine, threatened by Trump?

The biggest current threat to Alphabet might be the trade war that U.S. President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) has declared against the European Union (EU).

The greatest long-term threat to Alphabet is all the competition it is receiving in advertising. Menaces there include social media such as Facebook’s (NASDAQ: FB) and its WhatsApp solution. WhatsApp had 1.5 billion users in December 2017, Statista calculated.

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Can Netflix Survive in the Age of Disney?

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is facing a very tough and dramatic battle for survival. Its biggest content supplier; the Walt Disney

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Disneyland workers live below poverty line, Disney reported $4.423 billion in Net Income

• Around 73% of Disneyland employees admitted they did not make enough money to pay their bills.

• Around 11% of Disneyland employees admitted to being homeless within the last two years.

• Around 13% of Disneyland cast members with young children admitted to being homeless.

• Around 44% of the highest paid Disneyland cast members those who made more than $15 an hour admitted being unable to make ends meet.

• 67% of the Disneyland cast members that had been on the job had been for more than 15 years admitted to being unable to pay their monthly bills.

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Are Drones as an Investment?

The Facebook Bot apparently uses Ethereum blockchain technology to make secure transactions. The ultimate plan for Drone Employee is to create a blockchain platform to operate drones.
Drone Employee demonstrates just how great the potential of the intersection of the blockhain and the Internet of Things (IoT) is. It appears to be one of the first companies actually selling IoT services through the blockchain.

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Will the Oil Gut Kill Chevron and other oil companies?

The danger to companies like Chevron is that oil is slowly becoming a bulk commodity with a low value. Companies will still make money in the oil business but profits will be far lower because prices will be low.

Instead, oil producers like Chevron will be more like miners such as Rio Tinto Plc (NYSE: RIO) with lower share prices and less cash. RIO was trading at $57.82 a share on 14 February 2018 while CVX was trading at $112.14 a share.

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Is Kroger in Trouble?

EG Group has not said if it will continue the Kroger fuel rewards that Kroger convenience stores currently accept. Cutting out the fuel rewards would at the convenience stores would save both companies money.

Eliminating the convenience stores from the program would make it easier for Kroger to shut down the entire rewards points program. A strong possibility is that Kroger will only accept points at its filling stations, or make them just for groceries. Either way, there is a strong possibility that Kroger fuel points might die soon.

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Maduro Wants an OPEC Cryptocurrency?

Venezuela is backing the Petro with around five billion barrels of oil, Al Jazeera reported. An ICO of 38.4 million Petros is scheduled for 20 February 2018. Since the OPEC basket price for oil was $64.83 a barrel on 8 February 2018 – the oil backing the Petro was worth around $324.15 billion on that day.

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Flying Cars Might be for Real

Using electric engines greatly reduces the noise, which is the biggest objection to helicopters. The lithium-ion battery technology that makes electric cars like the Tesla possible can provide enough power for a short-range aircraft. Today’s electric engines are so powerful they can lift and propel an aircraft.

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Tesla Battery Farm made $800,000 in a few days

The farm operated by Tesla and Neoen can make up to $14,000 ($11,353.02) a Kilowatt Hour by selling that electricity back to the grid. That technology proved itself during the week of 15 January when a coal-fired plant went offline. The Powerpacks put out a short burst of electricity that “normalized the grid.

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