Does China Have a Super Battery?

Watch the ZKZM-500 story carefully because the ridiculous claims of laser guns point to something far bigger and potentially far more disruptive. A super battery that might put Big Oil out of business.

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Tata Owns Electric Cars, is Tesla Doomed?

Tata Motors (NYSE: TTM) not Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is poised to dominate electric cars. That is very good for

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Are Gold Miners Making Money at Newmont Mining Corp?

Gold is one of the most interesting economic barometers around because its price is a good measure of the fear

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Tesla Mortgages Factory

These figures indicate that borrowing against the Freemont factory will not save Tesla. If the 5.3-million square foot facility is only worth $1.8 billion, Tesla will not be able to borrow more much more than that against it, and it has $10.76 billion in debt.

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Volkswagen owns Electric – Can Tesla Survive?

Volkswagen plans to start building its first all-electric vehicle in the United States by 2020, Elektrek reported. The I.D. Crozz Concept sport utility vehicle (SUV) will be built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a Volkswagen press release stated.

A second electric the e-Golf hot hatchback will also be built at Chattanooga at some point in the future.

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Cryptojackers Demonstrating how Cryptocurrency Mining will Revolutionize Tax Collection

Criminals are inadvertently demonstrating how cryptocurrency mining can be used for tax collection.
The biggest users of cryptojacking in the future will be governments because it can be a cheap and efficient means of taxation.
Instead of spending billions on tax collectors, accountants, auditors, etc., all a government would have to do is require every company operating; or person that owns a computer, within its borders to install official cryptojacking software. The software would mine Ethereum (ETH), an ER20 token, or the government’s official cryptocurrency.
Companies and individuals would go along because they would not have to pay taxes. The proceeds of official cryptocurrency mining can be deposited in a sovereign wealth fund to finance basic income, or pensions.

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Is SpaceX now a Threat to Sirius XM?

It looks as if Musk might have hit upon a trillion-dollar idea here but it is several years away. Until then, Sirius XM is a pretty good low-priced value investment. Only time will tell if its business model can be rolled out worldwide by SpaceX through Starlink.

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Electric Jaguar Charges Faster than Tesla

Strangely enough, the I-Pace might create more business for Tesla Energy’s supercharger filling stations for electric cars. The only place in town where people will be able to charge the I-Pace quickly might be at the Tesla or Volkswagen chargers.

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Volkswagen has Recovered from Diesel Gate is it Making Money?

Volkswagen has even more ambitious electric plans including a scheme called Roadmap E. That plan includes spending €14 billion ($17.36 billion) on ridesharing technology; to counter GM and BMW’s efforts in that area, and €20 billion ($24.80 billion) on electric-vehicle technology.

That means Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) might not stand a chance. Volkswagen will own electric cars, and possibly ridesharing.

Therefore Volkswagen will be the world’s largest automaker for the foreseeable future – if the Roadmap E investments work as advertised. More importantly, Volkswagen will remain the value investment in global automakers because of its vast industrial infrastructure, gigantic footprint, and willingness to invest in new technology.

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