Is Fiat Chrysler a Bargain in Self Driving Cars?

To explain, autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans hauled 6,299 passengers in their first month of operation in California, TechCrunch claims. Overall, the vans operated by Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) subsidiary Waymo completed 4,678 passenger trips in July 2019.

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Are Trucks Making Money at PACCAR?

In fact, PACCAR made enough money to report $2.842 billion in cash and equivalents and $1.081 billion in short-term investments on 31 March 2019. Thus, PACCAR was able to accumulate $3.924 billion in cash and short-term investments without burning through large amounts of cash like Tesla.

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Tesla: More Than Just A Car Company

In order to realize this early goal, Tesla’s ultimate plan is to control every aspect of production and become a fully vertical electric car company. This includes making its batteries in-house.

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Can Self-Driving Cars Save Tesla?

Musk is betting that he can drive sales and profitability with a new chip that will give Tesla vehicles a full-self-driving (FSD) capability

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General Motors Builds All-Electric Camaro

Notably, the eCOPO concept is apparently built upon the frame of a conventional Chevy Camaro. Thus, the only difference between the electric Camaro and its gasoline brother is the engine.

For instance, the eCOPO’s engines will fit in the housing for the gasoline Camaro’s LS motors. Additionally, the eCOPO appears built for drag racing. Thus, GM is proving it can go head to head with Tesla Motors and win.

This is bad news for Tesla because GM could easily replicate any model it brings out. Therefore, the whole rationale behind Tesla, bringing out unique electric vehicles is called into question.

However, Elon Musk could view the eCOPO as vindication of his work at Tesla. To clarify, Musk’s major goal at Tesla is promoting electric vehicles not building a car company. Under those circumstances, the eCOPO vindicates all of Musk’s sacrifices at Tesla.

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Tesla Autopilot could Navigate Interchanges

Musk claims Tesla will release “the world’s most advanced computer for autonomous driving” in six months.

Moreover, Tesla is developing its own artificial intelligence (AI) chips to compete with those of NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA), Electrek claims. Therefore, Tesla plans to enter the chip business.

In addition, Tesla hired one of the biggest chip architects in the business; Jim Keller, in 2018. Hence, Tesla’s value could increase because NVIDIA is one of the most profitable companies in Silicon Valley.

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Why Elon Musk will sell Tesla

Interestingly, Musk himself may understand how he is hurting Tesla. Elon knows a car guy must takeover – selling Tesla is the best way to achieve that.
Musk will let a car person takeover Tesla because his goal at the company is driving the mass adoption of electric cars not building a brand. Musk only started a car company and built a brand because nobody else was serious about electric cars.

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Does China Have a Super Battery?

Watch the ZKZM-500 story carefully because the ridiculous claims of laser guns point to something far bigger and potentially far more disruptive. A super battery that might put Big Oil out of business.

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Tata Owns Electric Cars, is Tesla Doomed?

Tata Motors (NYSE: TTM) not Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is poised to dominate electric cars. That is very good for

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Are Gold Miners Making Money at Newmont Mining Corp?

Gold is one of the most interesting economic barometers around because its price is a good measure of the fear

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