Can Meta Football (MFT) make money from Fantasy Sports?

In contrast to traditional fantasy leagues, they claim Meta Football pays players real money. In addition, Meta Football managers will own their players and get the right to sell players for MFT. To explain, some Meta Football players can collect and sell players like baseball cards.

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Will Kroger finally adopt Apple Pay?

I think Kroger’s adoption of NFC indicates Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) are winning America’s payment wars. I predict Kroger and Target’s (NYSE: TGT) adoption of NFC could force Walmart to accept NFC.

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Google Pay On the New York Subway, Apple Pay in Hungary

The Spend Wallet could be a gamechanger because it could enable real people to buy with cryptocurrency in the real world. Such transactions could be possible because Spend builds an Authorization Engine into its Wallet.

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Apple Pay in Germany and Shipping to Different Addresses with Apple Pay

Thus, Apple Pay is more widely accepted in Germany than in the United States. For example, America’s largest retailer Walmart (NYSE: WMT) and largest standalone grocer Kroger (NYSE: KR) refuse to accept Apple Pay.

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Google Pay in Scandinavia

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is desperate to get people to use Apple Pay. In fact Apple employees were wandering around Chicago begging people to use the mobile wallet.
Apple salespeople were going door to door on October 7 in Chicago’s Lincoln Park in an effort to push the wallet, Bloomberg claims. The “ambassadors” were touting a $1 taco promotion at food trucks in an effort to promote Apple Pay.
Apple claims that 60% of US merchants have the equipment to accept Apple Pay. Unfortunately, most of the big names in American retail including Walmart, Kroger, and Target, refuse to accept Apple Pay.
Notably, Target (NYSE: TGT) even refuses to accept Apple Pay in its wireless Skip the Line system. To explain, Skip-the-Line is a mobile device that lets shoppers pay Target associates with credit cards or the Target app without going to a cash register. However, Apple Pay users can pay at Target through the Target app.

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India Says No to Apple Pay

It will leave American skeptics wondering if there are serious security holes or flaws in Apple Pay. The refusal of American regulators to examine the technology, and America’s tech press to report honestly on Apple Pay might put many people at risk.

If you think this sounds paranoid. Ask yourself why are giant American retailers; like Walmart (NYSE: WMT) and Kroger (NYSE: KR), refusing to accept Apple Pay? What do the NPCI, the Reserve Bank of India, America’s largest retailer, and America’s largest standalone grocer know about Apple Pay that makes them scared of it. Perhaps Congress should put that question to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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Is Apple Pay Really a Major Fintech Player?

This is big news because Chase is America’s largest bank and it operates 16,000 ATMs nationwide. Tellingly, Chase’s press release does not mention Apple Pay or Google Pay specifically it simply states “you can you use your phone’s mobile wallet.”

The Chase announcement is big because it would enable customers to get cash without a wallet. That might get more people, particularly older folks who are afraid of being without cash to use mobile wallets.

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PayPal use growing faster than Apple and Google Pay, Microsoft Plans Automated Store

Mobile payment apps are still a tough sell to America’s consumers and merchants, Kount’s data indicates. The company that can change that paradigm will make a fortune.

That means more two thirds of American retailers or 71% still refuse to accept mobile wallets. Once again it sounds as if Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is losing the payment wars, and Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is not doing very well.

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Starbucks is the most Popular Payment App in America

Mobile payment use in the United States is a growing at a rate of 14.5% a year and it should reach 55 million by the end of 2018, eMarketer estimated. Around 25% or in four American smartphone users will make a mobile payment sometime this year.

Those numbers are big but they are nothing compared to China where Ant Financial’s Alipay has 520 million users, and Tencent Holdings’ WeChat has one billion active users, Bloomberg reported. Those people spent $2.9 trillion in the two ecosystems in 2016.

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