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PayPal trying to Patent Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Processing System

U.S. Patent Application 20180060860 filed on August 30, 2016, is for an “Expedited Virtual Currency Transaction System,” Captain Altcoin reported. The system is supposed to speed up cryptocurrency transactions and ensure security with “private keys.”

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Is Square Making Money?

Square has the ability to dramatically increase the amount of cash flowing through the till but a hard time maintaining that cash from operations. The danger here is that cash flow is not steady, which makes it hard to generate flow, or keep the money

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Visa and the Value in Payments

Nor are mobile wallets such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Walmart Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Alipay, automatically a threat to Visa’s business.

Only 16% of Americans said they had used a mobile wallet in 2015, a JPMorgan Chase survey indicates. The same survey found that only 56% of large businesses and 25% of small businesses were accepting payments from such mobile wallets.

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Benefits of Electronic Payments

One of most notable feature of PayPal service is that it doesn’t provide as merchants online gambling websites, sports betting services. Also this payment option doesn’t have VIP program and Skrill has one. Among other differences it worth mentioning that Skrill offers 1 account per user and PayPal – 2, one for personal use and second one for business matters.

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Market Wisdom

Some Great Alternatives to Checking

It is possible to survive without a checking account; and even live a fairly normal middle class life in modern day America. There are actually a wide variety of excellent alternatives to checking out there.

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Apple Pay’s Fatal Weakness

Some retailers, such as Walmart and dollar store operators, might view Apple Pay as a niche product that only appeals to a small upper-income segment of the population. If you look at Apple Pay’s website, you see a multitude of high-end urban brands such as Whole Foods and Petco but a shortage of working-class retailers. Bloomingdales is present, but Kmart is nowhere to be seen.

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Market Insanity

Is Lending Tree Making Money?

If the U.S. economy does tank because of the situation in China, expect LendingTree to be one of the first stocks to go down and go down hard. This stock is sitting on very shaky ground that will soon collapse.

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American Credit Card Companies Are flush with Cash

Despite the risks, the U.S. credit industry is capable of generating a lot of cash, which can lead to high levels of float. Float is Warren Buffett’s term for a constant stream of revenue or stockpile of cash that a company can tap or borrow against at any time. Classic examples of float include credit card fees and insurance policy premiums.

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Long Ideas

Does Lending Club Actually Make Money?

Therefore Lending Club looks like a successful company but not a value investment. Its platform is achieving a lot of growth, but it is not making money the way PayPal is. This indicates that its business model could be flawed or at least seriously limited, so you should stay away from it for now

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