What’s wrong with Full Employment?

The sorry reality of full employment, demonstrates that the jobs economy is a failure. Simply providing individuals with a “job” does not improve lifestyles or achieve social stability.
Creating large numbers of shit jobs will generate social and political unrest. Bored workers in crappy jobs will be more likely to engage in violence or civil disobedience. Individuals that get little or nothing for their time and labor will quit or revolt.

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Horizon.NGO plans Decentralized Basic Income Services

Question: “How exactly does Horizon.NGO provide a basic income?”
Von Heinrichshorst: “Once Horizon’s financial reserve is big enough to guarantee all token holders a valuable payout for at least one year, we will start distributing the first Horizon basic income tokens.”
“The financial reserve will be fueled by strategic partnerships and sister projects. Over time, more basic income tokens will be distributed and the value of each token will increase.”

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Is Uber pulling the plug on Self-Driving Cars?

Khosrowshahi hopes to get around $500 million for the Middle East and North Africa assets. Bloomberg speculates that Khosrowshahi is disposing of questionable assets in order to make Uber more value as an initial public offering (IPO).

It sounds as if Khosrowshahi is trying to reposition Uber as a passenger transportation company. To that end he shut down the UberRUSH delivery service in June.

That means UberEATS might be the next business sold. Likely buyers for UberEATS include Kroger (NYSE: KR), Ocado (LON: OCDO), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Instacart, and GrubHub (NYSE: GRUB).

Finding a buyer for UberEATS will be easy because it is the most profitable part of Uber. EATER reported that UberEats, a meal delivery service was s profitable in 27 of the 108 cities where it operated in July 2017. A likely plan would be to the sell profitable UberEATS operations and shut down the rest.

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How to Pay for Basic Income

The best way to finance Basic Income in America would be an individual income tax. That would leave the corporations which generate wealth, untouched but reduce income inequality.

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Is STEEM a good Investment?

Steemit is very good in one aspect of business – marketing. It has attracted a lot of users mostly through some very clever marketing.
The Steemit network supposedly has 920,800 user accounts and attracts 1.5 million monthly posts. That has reportedly generated $40.15 million in rewards paid and 3.78 million monthly comments.
The disturbing thing about Steemit is that it admits to being: “The social network doling out millions in ephemeral money.” Here is the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of ephemeral: “lasting a very short time.”

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Is Citigroup Making Money?

The good news for investors is that Citi is very good at credit cards and customer service. The company will refund some money to 1.75 million customers that did not receive a planned interest rate reduction.

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The Sears Horror Gets Worse

Highlights of the latest round of the Sears horror show include:

Year-to-Year revenues fell by nearly one third (-31.15%) in 2nd Quarter 2018.

Sears achieved an “operating income” of -$237 million on May 5, 2018.

That gave Sears a net income of -$424 million on the same day.

Sears actually achieved negative a “free cash flow” of $-1 billion on May 5, 2018.

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John McCain Screws Voters Again

All this proves that John McCain is no hero because he is staying in the Senate for one reason. That reason is to screw Arizona’s voters out of their chance to elect his replacement.

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The Slow Death of General Electric

General Electric’s problems stem from its roots in the Old American economy. That economy is slowly dying and taking companies like GE with it.

Investors will wonder if today’s tech titans like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are building bureaucratic empires that are doomed to failure. General Electric started on the cutting-edge of innovation and ended up as mess of red tape, bureaucracy and micromanagement.

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Will Costco make More Money?

Despite the success of Amazon, Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ: COST) is still one of the most followed retailers around. Costco can

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