Artificial Intelligence for Sale on the Blockchain

A good way to think of Singularity.NET is an “app store AI” which would be an extremely disruptive solution. Interestingly enough, Singularity has the brainpower to make it happen the company claims to have more than 50 AI developers and 10 PhDs on the payroll. It also has some serious advisors; including Jim Rutt, the former CTO at Thomson-Reuters.

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Gallup Poll indicates almost half of Americans support Basic Income

The survey points to looming class warfare in America. Americans with college degrees; who are likely to be in the middle or upper class, oppose UBI. Those without college degrees; who are more likely to be working class, favor it.

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A Powerful New Idea for Financing Healthcare Research and Curing Cancer

Fortunately, Lo may have figured out how to finance healthcare research and the war on cancer without raising taxes.

His suggestion is for Uncle Sam to issue CancerCures bonds similar to the war bonds the US government issued to finance World War II. The bonds would finance biomedical research into a cancer cure.

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Does Trump Really want a Trade War?

A number of interesting conclusions can be made here. The first is that Trump thinks the U.S. might be able to win a trade war against Europe but not China. He might believe that the USA can get concessions from the EU with tariffs, while China may be rich enough to ignore the tariffs.

The European Union is a weak alliance that is plagued by economic stagnation and reeling from Brexit. The Peoples Republic of China is a strong unified state and the world’s second-largest economy.
The Chinese have one other edge in a trade war that might prove crucial. The People’s Republic is an authoritarian regime with a Leninist government. Neither Xi Jinping nor the politburo has to face reelection. They might be able to win a trade war by simply waiting for the next U.S. election.

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39 Facts about Uber

Uber is changing the face of our cities and the way we get around. It might disrupt far more than that by deploying such technologies as self-driving cars, same-day delivery solutions, new types of auto insurance, and even flying cars.

Despite countless scandals and an incredible amount of controversy, it appears that Uber is here to stay. The size and scope of this company is incredible, and its potential for disruption is vast. The infographic below will show you just how big and how disruptive Uber really is.  

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Will SuperValu Survive and Should Amazon buy it?

An interesting question here is should Amazon have bought Supervalu instead of Whole Foods? After all, SuperValu is a discounter like Amazon, and it services a general mass market rather than a select upper-class clientele.

SuperValu’s stable of private label grocery brands might have been a better fit for Amazon than Whole Foods’ line up. Grub Street reported that Whole Foods’ suppliers are in revolt against Amazon. That provides an opening for Kroger (NYSE: KR) or Walmart (NYSE: WMT) to poach some of Whole Foods’ suppliers.

An advantage that SuperValu would have brought to Amazon is a lineup of products directed at average middle and working-class customers the bulk of the consumer base. Another is a lot experience in the supermarket and grocery sphere and established stores in large metropolitan markets.

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The Alphabet Money Machine, threatened by Trump?

The biggest current threat to Alphabet might be the trade war that U.S. President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) has declared against the European Union (EU).

The greatest long-term threat to Alphabet is all the competition it is receiving in advertising. Menaces there include social media such as Facebook’s (NASDAQ: FB) and its WhatsApp solution. WhatsApp had 1.5 billion users in December 2017, Statista calculated.

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Walmart wants to bring Grocery Delivery to 40% of Americans

Likely responses to Walmart’s offensive might be Amazon’s acquisition of a traditional grocer like Safeway or Winn-Dixie, or Amazon or Target partnering with traditional grocers such as Publix. Kroger might respond by buying InstaCart and joining Google Shopping Express.

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MIT starts Commercializing Hot Fusion

“Researchers at MIT have designed a way to use high-temperature superconductors to produce powerful magnetic fields that provide superior confinement of the hot plasma — enabling a net energy fusion device at much smaller scale than did previous experiments,” MIT Vice President for Research Maria T. Zuber wrote in The Boston Globe.
Commonwealth Fusion Systems was founded by former MIT students and researchers that want to commercialize hot fusion. Commonwealth has also received some money from unidentified “U.S. Investment Funds,” Zuber claimed.

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Can Netflix Survive in the Age of Disney?

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is facing a very tough and dramatic battle for survival. Its biggest content supplier; the Walt Disney

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