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Crazy Stocks

American Express: Strong Company, Weak Brand

That means American Express is still a good investment even though it has a weak brand. The moral of the story is that a strong company can offset a weak brand, but a weak company can undermine even a great brand. For an example of a strong brand being dragged down by a weak company, see McDonald’s.

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Crazy StocksStocks

Target and Best Buy Could Get Desperate with Free Shipping Deals

The 2016 holidays and the free shipping offers may prove whether Target and Best Buy are going to be major players in the world of online retail or not. One just hopes that management teams are not betting the company on such offers. If they are, the death spiral could be closer than we think, especially for Target.

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Good StocksStocks

Is American Express Really a Dying Brand?

That means American Express could be a nice bargain stock at some point next year. It also means that Amex is still a really good long-term investment, even if it is no longer America’s favorite credit card.

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Long Ideas

Housing Bubble in Canada

One reason why housing is not on the U.S. national agenda is that for most Americans, there is no housing shortage. A quick look at Zillow indicates that prices are actually falling in many markets, including regions in Colorado that are a little over a hundred miles from the red-hot Denver market.

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Good Stocks

Kroger an Underappreciated Value Stock

The numbers show us that the recent stock split has made Kroger one of the most under-appreciated and undervalued stocks around. It is also one of the best bargains in the market today.

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You Missed It

Persil ProClean on Sale at U.S. Supermarket

It looks as if Persil ProClean is getting rolled out in the U.S., but it is being rolled out in spurts. One has to wonder when this product will hit Kroger (NYSE: KR) and Target (NYSE: TGT).

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Good Stocks

Does the Stock Split Make Kroger a Greater Value?

This makes Kroger a value investment as in values with a capital V; it treats its employees well. The management works for everybody’s benefit rather than to line their own pockets.

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The Death Spiral

Falling Apparel Sales Show Income Inequality Hurting Retailers

It looks as if basic retail and our economy could be in serious trouble. The present economic policies in the United States are not looking good and need to be changed now before we see large-scale collapse in many sectors.

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Good StocksMarket Wisdom

Stocks for the Long Haul

This Internet giant could well become the Exxon of the 21st century, a company that is the backbone of the new econmy. Google has a lot of float, and it performs consistently.

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