The Facts About Online vs Offline Stores In 2018

Some of the biggest brands out there made the move to online retail a good few years ago, and although the infographic created by Red Brain shows they have had some incredible sales, it is nothing compared to what their sales are in their physical stores.

Although people appreciate a brand being online, they are not ready to see their favourite brands disappear from the high streets completely.

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Is Coca-Cola Dying??

The data indicates that Coca-Cola’s market will shrink but its business will remain profitable for the foreseeable future. It also exposes Coca-Cola’s struggle for survival. The struggle is to adjust production to compensate for lost sales.

Coca-Cola is still a good consumer value investment. The low price makes this soda pop manufacturer, an intriguing value buy in a changing consumer marketplace.

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Is Procter & Gamble in Trouble?

Therefore, Procter & Gamble is a healthy company. That health will make P&G’s dividend more attractive.
Procter & Gamble scheduled a 71.7¢ dividend payout for August 15, 2018. That dividend is up from 69¢ in 2017 and 66.9¢ in 2016.
Impressively, P&G has been paying a steadily growing dividend over 60¢ for the past five years. Back on August 18, 2013, Procter & Gamble shareholders received a 60.1¢ dividend. That dividend is paid every quarter.
That dividend growth led to a dividend yield of 3.52%, an annualized payout of $2.87 a share, and a payout ratio of 64.9% on August 10, 2018. Best of all, Procter & Gamble has experienced 61 straight years of dividend growth. Its dividend has been growing since President Dwight D. Eisenhower (R-Kansas) was in the White House.

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Does Chipotle Make Money?

It also raises an interesting question for investors are there any potential Chipotles out there? That is small but profitable eatery stocks with a cult-like following.

Two stocks seem to stand out with the potential to become the next the Chipotle. The first is GrubHub Inc. (NYSE: GRUB) the popular meal delivery service’s shares were trading at $126.24 on 2 August 2018.

Grubhub has been displaying a lot of year-to-year revenue growth lately. Revenues grew by 48.96% between 1st quarter 2017 and 1st Quarter 2018. That means Grubhub’s revenues nearly doubled in a year.

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Is Dollar Tree Making Money?

What Dollar Tree is borrowing against is unclear because its cash and assets are limited. Dollar Tree’s assets were valued at just $15.827 billion on May 5, 2018. The company’s cash flow is limited and cash reserves are nonexistent.
Most likely, Dollar Tree is borrowing against its stock valuation. Dollar Tree shares were trading at $86.09 on July 16, 2018. That gave the company a Market Capitalization of $20.47 billion on the same day.
If my thesis is true, Dollar Tree would collapse if its stock lost any value. If Dollar Tree shares dropped below $60 or $50 the company might collapse because it would not be able to borrow money.

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Is the Walgreens Rite Aid Merger Working?

It looks as if there was little or no real planning to the Walgreen takeover of Rite Aid location. From my advantage it appeared that somebody at WBA headquarters forgot to tell the IT team.

Still it appears that Walgreen’s very professional staff is on top of the issues and more than capable of fixing them. Any problems that result will be temporary and get fixed, putting Walgreens in a much better position.

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Ocado tests Driverless Grocery Delivery, Supervalu Teams with Instacart

The driverless truck cruises down the street while a delivery person on foot takes the orders to the front door. The truck called the Cargo Pod was tested in London’s Royal Arsenal Riverside neighborhood, Endgadget reported. The vehicle is rather small and silly in appearance – it looks like a milk float to Brits and a large ATV to North Americans

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Online Shopping: A New Approach to Shopping

The whole online shopping industry is alternatively referred to as the ecommerce industry. The ecommerce industry is growing exponentially by the day. However, variety is the spice of life. There are still people out there who prefer the physical experience of offline shopping. There are those who prefer to feel and see the items that they are purchasing before making a decision.

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Is Sprouts Doomed?

Delivery can destroy Sprouts because it keeps customers away from Sprouts where they can see its low prices.

Traditional supermarkets depend heavily from all the spur-of-the moment purchases from shoppers in the store. How many times have you walked into a supermarket to “grab a couple of things” and ended up pushing a full shopping cart out the door?

Online shoppers only get what is on their shopping list, because they are not in the supermarket to get tempted by that extra stuff. That is good for customers’ pocketbooks but bad for Sprouts’ bottom line.

The traditional supermarket is a marketing machine cleverly disguised as a food store. Grocers fill their stores with temptations such as endcaps, free samples, delis, and cafes. The online shopper sees none of that stuff.

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PayPal use growing faster than Apple and Google Pay, Microsoft Plans Automated Store

Mobile payment apps are still a tough sell to America’s consumers and merchants, Kount’s data indicates. The company that can change that paradigm will make a fortune.

That means more two thirds of American retailers or 71% still refuse to accept mobile wallets. Once again it sounds as if Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is losing the payment wars, and Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is not doing very well.

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