Is Kraft Heinz still a Value Investment?

Thus, Kraft Heinz faces the nightmare of a distribution system rigged against it. Moreover, a large percentage of shoppers grab the store brand (private label) because it is usually the cheapest and just as good as the national brand.

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Inside the Costco (COST) Money Machine

The Costco (COST) Money Machine is one of the simplest yet most brilliant retail strategies of all time. Essentially Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ: COST) obligates consumers to shop at its stores by charging a membership fee.

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Costco Accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay

The lack of a major hack of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Wallet probably convinced Costco those solutions are secure.

Retailers are afraid of lawsuits from consumers who lost financial numbers to hackers. Target (NYSE: TGT) paid $39 million to settle such a suit in 2015.

Retailers like Costco might abandon NFC payment if crooks crack Apple Pay. Given the volume of Apple Pay transactions; over one billion in 2nd Quarter 2018 Tim Cook bragged, it is only a matter of time before some criminal genius cracks its encryption.

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Will Costco make More Money?

Despite the success of Amazon, Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ: COST) is still one of the most followed retailers around. Costco can

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Kroger and Instacart rolling out Online Grocery Delivery Nationwide

One obvious possibility here is that Kroger is planning to buy Instacart. Such an acquisition is not farfetched; Kroger just sold its convenience stores for $2.1 billion which could finance an Instacart purchase. Target (NYSE: TGT); one of Kroger’s biggest competitors, has bought the shopping service Shipt and Walmart (NYSE: WMT) has plans to offer grocery delivery in 100 cities by the end of 2018.

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Is Costco’s Growth for Real?

It looks as if Costco is well-positioned to deal with the future and ward off the Amazon challenge. More importantly, Costco seems well positioned to survive and make money in America in which a large percentage of the population may no longer drive.

That’s good news for investors because Costco is a great income stock. Its investors enjoyed three 50¢ dividends, one 45¢ dividend and one $7 super dividend in 2017, NASDAQ reported.  Costco shareholders took home $8.95 in dividend income in 2017.

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Is Dollar Tree Making Money?

Even with a good holiday season, Dollar Tree may lack the resources to survive or even remain competitive. It reported revenues of just $21.52 billion in October 2017.

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Retail Apocalypse Heats up 6,700 stores have closed in 2017

2017 has become the worst year for store closings in the United States possibly since the Great Depression. There is a strong possibility that the actual number of store closings might exceed 10,000. Such a number is possible because analysts like Credit Suisse may not be counting franchisees and mom and pop stores that will also be going under.

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Monster Banking and Credit Cards Pay off at Citigroup

An intriguing possibility might be for Citibank to offer an Apple Pay, Venmo, Tez, Alipay, Walmart Pay, Facebook, PayPal, or Android Pay credit card. Since PayPal is experimenting with a Venmo Visa that makes a lot of sense. Such a card would allow a customer to pay with either their digital wallet balance or with a Visa or MasterCard line of credit. The customer would also get the ability to access his or her line of credit via the payment app.

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