Election Shocker Ted Cruz might lose

Cruz’s defeat would be a huge upset because Texas has not elected a Democrat to the Senate in over 30 years. The last Democrat elected to the Senate from Texas was Lloyd Bentson in 1988.

If the polls are accurate Republicans have lost 10.1% of Texas’s vote in six years. If the trend continues, a Democratic victory in Texas is a realistic possibility in 2024.

The Trump Revolution is far from over and it is likely to claim many more Republican victims.

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Fire Victims Need to ask where is Trump?

History proves that Trump has embarked upon a dangerous course of inaction. With his inaction on Climate Change, the Donald might be sowing the seeds of his own destruction and killing his party’s electoral chances.

The fires make Trump’s agenda of Climate-Change denial and fossil-fuel promotion look dangerously close to treason.

To make matters worse, Democrats can easily charge that Trump values big money campaign donors; such as the Koch Brothers, more than average Americans.

A fatal outcome for the GOP would be Republicans deciding their voters do not count and not going to the polls. Trump is sending the destructive message that the President; and by inference the GOP itself, only cares about Republicans in Red States. Disturbingly, Trump might be suppressing his own party’s votes with his behavior.

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The Danger from Minority Rule

Back in 1860 it was not minority rule that led to Civil War – it was the end of minority rule. The violence was triggered by the election of a President (Lincoln) and a Congress (Republicans) that represented the majority. The minority fearing they had no place in the new America revolted.

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Medicare for All at the Polls

Single-payer might be the issue that blows the Trump Administration and the Republican Party apart.

Such reporting and polls raise serious doubts about the ideas that there is a Trump movement and the notion that Trump is the GOP’s leader. A notion to consider is that Trump is the Republicans’ figurehead who does not represent the party or even his own administration.

Healthcare might be issue that lures many Trump voters back into the Democratic fold.

One has to wonder who will be the first Republican leader to drink the single-payer Kool Aid. My money is on Donald J. Trump who personally favors the idea. My prediction is that Trump will unveil some sort of single-payer light proposal if he plans to run for reelection in 2020.

One has to wonder who will be the first Republican leader to drink the single-payer Kool Aid. My money is on Donald J. Trump who personally favors the idea. My prediction is that Trump will unveil some sort of single-payer lite proposal if he plans to run for reelection in 2020.

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Russiagate Distracts from America’s Real Problems

Blaming the Russians; and by inference Trump, is easier and less controversial than examining the systematic corruption in our electoral system.

Therefore, exposing Russiagate as a lie or a minor irritant, will only lead to more scapegoating. The most likely scenario is that the blame Russia crowd will start blaming China, once the mob tires of their current hysteria.
Instead of exonerating the President after Russiagate peters out, the Trump haters will simply switch tactics. They will brand the Donald a Chinese agent and start investigating his ties to Beijing.

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John McCain Screws Voters Again

All this proves that John McCain is no hero because he is staying in the Senate for one reason. That reason is to screw Arizona’s voters out of their chance to elect his replacement.

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California shows how our 21st Century Civil War will End

Here is a brief description of California politics circa 2005. A controversial; and larger than life, outsider celebrity businessman Governor promoting unpopular neoconservative fixes to the state’s problems.
A polarized state legislature that was unable to get anything done. Rampant but shallow anti-immigrant hysteria stoked by unpopular demagogic Republican politicians. Sound familiar?

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Millennials will determine the Midterm Election’s Outcome

Millennials will affect the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections whether they show up at the polls or not.
A repeat of 2014 is not likely because the Pew data shows the electorate has changed dramatically in four years. Pew’s statistics indicate that pollsters are going to have a very hard time calling this year’s Midterm elections.

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Democrats winning in West Virginia, Americans Afraid of Civil War

That indicates Republicans are likely to have a hard time attracting support from Trump voters in the Midwest. For all their passion, the Trump voters seem to prefer the conservative status quo in both parties.

One reason why Democrats are doing well in West Virginia is that rank and file voters don’t buy the media’s claims that the GOP is “Trump’s Party” and still distrust the Republican establishment. Strangely enough, disgruntled Trump voters might be the key to Democratic victory in 2018 – at least in Coal Country.
Ojeda’s popularity indicates that Trump voters are not as socially conservative as many think. The State Senator also demonstrates that there is a strong leftwing constituency in the U.S. military that might play an outsized role in upcoming elections.

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Is the US Supreme Court Out of Control?

Wu thinks the Supreme Court is getting dangerously close to upsetting the balance of powers upon which our constitutional government is based.

“In cases like Ohio v. American Express, the court is rejecting that tradition of compromise and taking us down a path that leads in dangerous directions,” Wu wrote in a New York Times op-ed. Wu fears that the Supremes are about to tear up the anti-trust laws which will lead to all-out political warfare behind business and government.

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