Is Foxconn Making Money?

Some of the numbers Foxconn is handing out sound fishy. The most questionable figure is the 13,000 people that Foxconn claims the factory will employ and the projected payroll.
Foxconn claims it will pay an average salary of $53,000 a year at the 20 million square foot plant – which would mean a yearly payroll of $689 million. That sounds fishy and unviable to me. A more likely scenario is that most of the work will be done by robots, which would be cheaper.

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How Much Money is American Express Making?

Best of all, American Express is setting on a huge pile of cash. It reported $31.092 billion in cash and equivalents on 31 March 2018. That gives Amex the resources for a huge stock buyback or acquisition if it wants.

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Can Exxon Survive the Great Energy Glut?

Solar’s threat to petroleum is no longer theoretical, its’ real and it is happening now. That threat will be disruptive and it is likely to be unpredictable. It is also catching much of the energy and technology industry’s leadership by surprise. Nobody, a few years ago would have predicted that a fast and massive transition to electric vehicles would be underway, but it is.

Nor would anybody have predicted government leaders in several nations to be talking about completely scrapping internal-combustion engines within two decades but they are. Plans to get rid of diesel and petrol-burning vehicles have been announced in such disparate places as India, Mexico City, Greece, Norway, China, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and California.

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What Stocks will benefit from Trump’s Phony Trade War?

The Trade War looks like a political stunt being staged to help Republicans in the 2018 Congressional elections rather than a real conflict.
It is no coincidence that the trade war started about the same time that political strategists started predicting that Republicans would lose control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the midterm elections. The consensus among pundits is that the GOP will lose 20 to 40 seats and control of the house on November 6.

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Tata Owns Electric Cars, is Tesla Doomed?

Tata Motors (NYSE: TTM) not Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is poised to dominate electric cars. That is very good for

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Uber Removed from Google Maps for Android, Uber Drivers Strike

Once again the gig economy sounds like a recipe for labor unrest rather than a high-tech utopia. Companies like Uber will have to recognize unions and start bargaining with them sooner or later – if they want to survive.

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The Trade Wars are over and China has won

The bluster masks Trump’s real policy which is trying to get the best deal out of China that he can. Trump understands that they will not be any big winners, but America might get a slightly better deal from the People’s Republic.

The real problem as President Trump is learning is that most Americans; including almost all “opinion leaders,” neither grasp nor accept that reality. Until they do it might be impossible for America to have an effective foreign or trade policy.

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Is Uber Now a Value Investment?

Uber is now a classic value investment because it is a good company with a good product that has been having serious problems. There’s nothing wrong with Uber’s basic service or business model just its corporate culture.
Now that Khosrowshahi is cleaning that mess up, Uber stands to greatly improve. Buffett called himself “a great admirer of Dara” in a chat with CNBC. The sage of Omaha pointed out that some of the details in the Bloomberg story were wrong.

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Average American cannot afford to buy a Home in 25 States

The housing crisis is far worse than we have been led to believe – if this data is correct. If that was not scary enough, the data shows that most of the nation is now in a real estate bubble.

If How Much’s data is correct the American dream of universal home ownership is dead. Most Americans now live in areas where they cannot afford to buy the average home with an ordinary mortgage.
There were 31 states in which the income needed to buy a home exceeded the median household income, Simplepost calculated. That means there are 31 states in which the average resident cannot afford to buy the typical home.

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