What you should know about the Trump Trade War

The trade war could soon impact average Americans. America’s largest retailer Walmart (NYSE: WMT) supposedly urged US Trade Representative Robert (Bob) Emmet Lighthizer to leave a variety of goods off the tariff lists in a letter, The Hill reports.

To survive the trade war the United States will have to devalue the dollar. Obviously, there is no way American remain competitive in trade with a strong dollar.

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Will WhatsApp Destroy Facebook (NASDAQ: FB)?

WhatsApp proves that Facebook is a mess. However; value investors should examine the Social Network, because Facebook is a mess that makes a lot of money.

For all its faults, Facebook is still a moneymaking machine par excellence. Facebook generated $11.552 billion in cash and equivalents and $30.757 billion in short-term investments during 2nd Quarter 2018. That gave Facebook an astonishing $42.309 billion in cash and short-term investments on June 30, 2018.

Is Facebook a classic Warren Buffett value investment? Uncle Warren loves to invest in moneymaking companies “that somebody’s idiot nephew can run.” Surprisingly, Facebook might fall into that category.

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Climate Change is destroying Everybody’s Property Value – Even Warren Buffett’s

Companies are likely to pull out of reinsurance because of Climate Change. Under those circumstances, publicly-traded insurers are likely to go private or sell out to hedge funds.

Property owners will face rising premiums because insurance companies operating costs are increasing. Reinsurance firms like Gen Re and Aspen underwrite property and other insurance properties. Consequently, insurers will pass higher reinsurance costs onto policyholders.

In summary, sell the beachfront and forest properties now. Prices for such properties are likely to plummet as insurance costs rise.

Billionaires like Kimmel and Buffett are outliers in Climate Change losses. They can afford to take a loss on beach property, most homeowners cannot.

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Amazon Jobs are Terrible Wealth Redistribution Mechanisms

The poster child for jobs’ failure to redistribute wealth is Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) where CEO Jeff Bezos is reputedly worth $150 billion. The average salary for an Amazon fulfillment or warehouse “job” is $26,000; a year or $13 an hour, Glassdoor estimated. If he or she is lucky that associate can receive $980 in cash bonuses, a stock bonus of $1,111 and profit sharing of $1,016.

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Does All In’s Success Prove WWE is Finished?

All In demonstrates that YouTube is a more powerful media than cable TV.

Moreover, Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is responsible for All In’s success. All In demonstrates that YouTube is a more powerful media than cable TV. Being the Elite and all the video of New Japan, Ring of Honor, and other shows on YouTube made All In possible.
Therefore, WWE’s focus on cable TV and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) video is probably a waste of time of and money. A smart move for WWE would be to cancel Miz & Mrs. and spend the money saved on hundreds of YouTube videos.

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Why Elon Musk will sell Tesla

Interestingly, Musk himself may understand how he is hurting Tesla. Elon knows a car guy must takeover – selling Tesla is the best way to achieve that.
Musk will let a car person takeover Tesla because his goal at the company is driving the mass adoption of electric cars not building a brand. Musk only started a car company and built a brand because nobody else was serious about electric cars.

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How Medicaid Expansion can Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Medicaid expansion will not eliminate every medical bill after an accident but it will reduce them. With Medicaid available many people will opt out of the hassle of filing insurance claims. Others will be less likely to fight insurance companies or dispute rejected claims.
Persons with Medicaid will be more likely to go to cheaper public hospitals and clinics that take it. That could reduce medical bills. Medicaid can drive down healthcare costs by mandating lower prices. Medicaid provides a steady stream of revenue that reduces the pressure on hospitals or clinics to raise rates.
A person whose medical bills are being paid by Medicaid will be less likely to call a personal injury attorney. Somebody who is not receiving collection notices from the hospital will be less likely to sue you.

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Sorry Liz Corporate Democracy will not work

Corporate governance in America works and works well. There is no need for employee democracy.

Government would best fix the major problems facing America’s employees such as low salaries and lack of health insurance. Our government is already a democracy. Therefore, there is no need for corporate democracy.

America’s workers will be better off if Warren devoted her energies to expanding the safety net. Working families need single-payer health insurance, a $15 minimum wage, tuition-free college, Social Security increases, and a basic income not the fantasy of “corporate democracy.”

A better use of Warren’s time is fighting gerrymandering and voter suppression. The greatest threats to working families are on Capitol Hill and in the state capitols, not the corporate boardrooms.

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Basic Income Question and Answer

Question: So basic income is necessary to save capitalism from itself?
Answer: Yes. Wealth should be redistributed so capitalism benefits everybody. If it is not anti-capitalist ideas like socialism and Marxism will become popular.

The best way to think of Basic Income is as capitalism for everybody. In today’s America only a few people enjoy capitalism, even though it is generating more wealth than ever. I want everybody enjoying capitalism, not just Jeff Bezos and Ivanka Trump.

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Is Waymo Worth $175 billion?

Such valuations definitely justify Waymo’s business plan of providing the operating systems for other companies’ autonomous vehicles. That includes Peterbilt semi-tractors in Atlanta, Chrysler Pacific Minivans in Phoenix, and Jaguar IPaces in Arizona.
A huge advantage is to this plan is that the manufacturing is left to the companies that specialize in it. A great benefit is that Chrysler Fiat (NYSE: FCAU), Tata Motors (NYSE: TTM), and PACCAR (NASDAQ: PCAR) take many of the risks. Tata owns Jaguar and Peterbilt is a PACCAR subsidiary.
Waymo avoids the expense of building a factory and setting up dealerships, and all the trouble of dealing with the United Auto Workers (UAW). Companies with existing factories, supply chains, dealerships and union contracts take the risks.

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