Upgrades to Our Tax and Health Insurance Systems that would benefit all Americans

• Allow all employers to purchase Medicare and/or Medicaid coverage for their employees.

• Allow insurance agents, insurance companies, nonprofit organizations; and retailers such as Walmart and Amazon, to sell Medicare and/or Medicaid policies in exchange for a commission say $25 to $100 a policy.

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Push for Medicare for All Begins

A major push for single-payer health insurance has begun in the wake of the defeat of the Republicans’ Obamacare light health insurance proposal. Not surprisingly U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is leading the charge for Medicare for All.

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Amendment 69: Colorado’s Flawed Single-Payer Healthcare Proposal

Amendment 69 is a poorly-designed and badly-written piece of legislation every person who believes in justice and common sense should vote against. That goes doubly so for people who believe in single-payer healthcare, because this shoddy ballot measure gives the concept a bad name.

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