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3 Technologies That Will Help You Run Your Business Remotely

Adapting to remote working is not as easy as it seems, especially for businesses and professionals who rely on face-to-face meetings and on-site work. A lot of professionals are not working effectively because they are still trying to adapt to the new remote working conditions.

Businesses are facing the same challenges. It is not easy to organize teams when they are working from different places. Keeping track of tasks and making sure all of them are handled properly and finished on time is just as challenging.

Fortunately, technology is here to help. There are several key technologies that make running your business remotely easier, and we are going to review them in this article.

Digital Kanban Boards

There are plenty of ways to manage tasks and projects, but a digital Kanban board is the easiest one to implement for several reasons. For starters, digital Kanban boards are made to be very flexible, so they can be used in the implementation of any project management approach.

Digital Kanban boards also let you manage information about tasks and projects in a more meticulous way. Each Kanban card represents a task, and all information related to that task can be added to the card. This makes both providing team members with the needed resources and keeping track of their progress easy.

Virtual Deal Rooms

Collaborating on documents is the key to successfully working remotely, but platforms like Google Docs are not always the most secure to use. While you can track changes and discuss parts of the documents, the process becomes tedious as you will have to have an NDA to protect key information.

It gets even more difficult when you start working on contracts or exchanging sensitive documents with (potential) clients. For handling this type of situation, you can now use a virtual deal room to your advantage. A virtual deal room will help you control access to documents and maintain a detailed access log for maximum security.

Video Conference

That brings us to the most popular technology of them all – video conferencing. became one of the largest tech startups in the country almost overnight because of the sudden spike in demand for capable video conferencing solutions.

Video conferencing is the new norm. Camera manufacturers like Canon and Fujifilm are even releasing drivers that allow their gadgets to be converted into webcams with professional image quality. The video conferencing platforms themselves are adding new features, strengthening their security measures, and improving user experience.

Other Technologies

There are other technologies that also make running your business remotely easy. Business solutions like Salesforce or HubSpot have long been making remote working accessible. You can move more parts of your business operations to the cloud by integrating other business solutions or creating your own cloud environment.

Collaborative platforms are just as easy to find. Everything from editing documents to working on complex CAD designs can now be done collaboratively over the air. Combined with the other technologies we reviewed in this article, a transformation to remote working doesn’t have to be painful or challenging to your business.