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39 Facts about Uber

For better or worse, the privately held Uber Technologies Inc. has become the face of the gig economy. It is one of the most hated, most admired, and fastest growing companies around.

Uber is changing the face of our cities and the way we get around. It might disrupt far more than that by deploying such technologies as self-driving cars, same-day delivery solutions, new types of auto insurance, and even flying cars.

Despite countless scandals and an incredible amount of controversy, it appears that Uber is here to stay. The size and scope of this company is incredible, and its potential for disruption is vast. The infographic below will show you just how big and how disruptive Uber really is.

Please note: that founder Travis Kalanick is no longer CEO of Uber, he resigned in August 2017 because of a serious of scandals. Former Expedia (NYSE: EXPE) boss Dara Khosrowshahi, is now chief of executive officer of Uber.

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