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5 Automotive Industry Trends in 2021

The automotive industry is in amidst a period of flux. Break-neck technological advancement, climate change and the need for sustainable travel, and changing transport habits in the wake of the pandemic mean many changes have been afoot in 2021, but what are the most significant trends to have occurred? In this article learn all about the biggest automotive industry trends that have made a mark this year.

Manufacturing processes

The automotive industry has seen extreme changes over the past year when it comes to how it manufactures vehicles. New technologies have been adopted at great speed, including metallic 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing).

More significantly, businesses have enlisted the skills of market transformation and risk advisory consultants to firmly adopt data and analytics approaches – thus firmly entering the age of Industry 4.0. Utilising this data is artificial intelligence, with the understanding generated used to improve production processes, remove the need for prototyping, boost product management and more.

Autonomous vehicles

With improvements to AI and connectivity has come developments in the field of autonomous vehicles.

While the infrastructure and technology hasn’t yet progressed to a level whereby we’re regularly driving alongside vehicles unguided by human hands, there are plenty of moves going on in the industry right now, and the industry is already worth over $50 billion – forecast to increase tenfold by 2026.

The age of EV

As governments set out their green policies before and during COP26, automakers have had to respond by increasing their electric vehicle line-ups and bolstering production.

 Practically every carmaker now has an electric or hybrid vehicle in production or planning, potentially making 2021 the year when electric dreams started to become reality.

Mobility as a service

Reducing the number of vehicles on the roads is a key focus of policymakers worldwide, and in 2021, businesses have been answering the call with mobility as a service solutions.

Services such as e-scooter hire, car sharing, shuttle services, and keyless rentals are all growing in popularity, providing primarily urban citizens with low-cost and highly accessible transportation.

Human-machine interfaces

Throughout 2021 we’ve seen automakers embrace several human-machine interface solutions, as well as witness the birth of several startups in the field.

These interfaces utilize haptic feedback (such as steering wheel vibrations), voice commands, augmented reality and many other innovations to increase the ways drivers and passengers can interact with their vehicles. In the process, vehicles can be operated for fluidly, smartly, and safely than ever before, enhancing the experience for all road users.

2021 was a huge year for the automotive industry. What do you think 2022 will hold? What innovations do you want in your vehicle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.