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5 Business Ideas That Can Take You Far In 2022

Have you ever considered giving up your routine job and becoming an entrepreneur?

Starting a business comes with numerous benefits. In addition to owning your time, you can do the things you love, and most importantly, increase your earning potential. Several businesses do not need heavy investment. Rather, you can start them with little money alongside your job and build it progressively with time.

However, there are two prerequisites for becoming an entrepreneur. You should have an extensive knowledge of the field you are stepping into and know the basic business cycle, including finances, inventory management, marketing, cost control, and revenues. Without the two fundamentals, getting into any business may drown your investment and energy.

Do I Need a Degree for Starting My Own Business?

Many entrepreneurs start without having any degree in their respective fields. However, having one increases your chances of success two folds. For example, if you are starting an interior designing business, having a bachelor’s degree in the field will give you an edge over your competitors with no relevant degree.  Similarly, a basic diploma in web coding will get you a long way in theme and website building.

Regardless of what startup you are thinking of getting into, a business degree gives you the technical knowledge of making a successful corporate setup. For example, a 4-year graduate degree in marketing provides you with extensive strategies, both paid and unpaid. Likewise, a BBA in accounting provides you with advanced knowledge of managing costs, correct bookkeeping, and generating revenues. All in all, a degree gets you far in your business, yielding fruitful outcomes.

5 Unique Business Ideas for 2022

Now that you know how to begin with your business and its basic requirements let’s look at 5 Unique Business Ideas for 2022 with great income potential.

Plant Consultant

Plant Consultant is one of the unique business ideas that can make you stand out from others. This is because not many people know about plants and their care, leaving a large chunk of clients for you.

Indoor plant care has a low overhead, so you can give this business time to flourish. Part-time commitments can earn about $15,000 per year, but full-time ventures can earn as much as $55,000. The income you receive depends on the location and clientele you serve. You can generate more profit by targeting businesses, shopping malls, office complexes, hotels, and apartments as clients due to the concentration of work.

You don’t need formal training for starting a Plant Consulting business. However, you must have a basic know-how of plants care and pest control to gain the trust of your clients.


Dropshipping is one of the easiest yet most successful business ideas in the current era. The model involves having a third-party supplier store and deliver your inventory for you. Having a low overhead, hands-off, and scalable business is one of the best ways to start.

The good part about Dropshipping is that you don’t need to handle any products yourself. You only have to make the sales and pass the orders to your supplier.  

You can start by making an online niche store and curating products from wholesalers or suppliers. Once your customer purchases from your store, your supplier will fulfill the order. However, it is still your responsibility to market the product and provide customer service.

Depending on the site (Amazon, Shopify, eBay) and marketing strategies, the startup cost can be as low as $4,000. However, the net profit varies largely, as per your products, marketing, and customer service.

Print on Demand

Print on Demand is another online earning model that is fun and high-yielding. You don’t have to be a Designer to start a Print on Demand Business. You can use mock-up websites or collaborate with Designers via freelance websites.

Print on Demand is another online earning model that is fun and high-yielding. You don’t have to be a Designer to start a Print on Demand Business. You can use mock-up websites or collaborate with Designers via freelance websites.

You can make creative designs and trending slogans on Tea shirts, mugs, pillows, bags, or hoodies and sell them on multiple platforms. The startup cost for Print on Demand is very low as you don’t have to buy any inventory. However, you will need to spend aggressively on marketing to compete with other designers.

Handy Crafts Shop

You can turn your creativity into a business by selling handy crafts. The good thing about a handy craft shop is that you can make creative things at your home without any expensive equipment or material. Depending on your interest, you can sell candles, bath bombs, vases, calligraphies, paintings, jewelry, and decorative pillows.

The startup cost for a handy craft shop is as low as $50 since most selling is online. You can start your own Etsy shop online and sell your handy crafts worldwide.

Pet Bakery

If you love pets and baking, starting a pet bakery can be a great business option for you.

As pet owners become more concerned with the quality of their pets’ food and treat, the gourmet pet bakery industry is rapidly growing. Depending on the size and selling model, the start-up cost of a pet bakery can range anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 dollars. This includes registration fees, rent, materials, equipment, and packaging. You can reduce the investment cost by baking treats at home and selling them online.

The average earning potential for a startup pet bakery is around 500 to 1,000 dollars a month. If you aim to get about 30% profit per bag sold, you can make up to $8,000 in a month, with a full-time operating store.

Final Words

You don’t need a large sum of money to become an entrepreneur. With a creative idea, the right platform, and marketing know-how, you can start your business with minimal time and effort. However, you should know the basics of business, such as accounting, profit, inventory, and bookkeeping, to make your business successful.