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5 Ways to Grow Your Laundry Business

Technological evolution has made a huge impact on different types of businesses. It has enabled companies to reach their audience efficiently by identifying their pain points and creating results-driven digital marketing strategies.

The same goes for the laundry companies, as this business has tremendously grown recently. According to the statistical study, the worth of the laundry-service market will be $180 billion by the end of 2022. It shows the growth rate of the laundry businesses worldwide and the importance of getting into this business.

From dry-cleaning to washing, we all require these services to keep clean attire in your wardrobes. It is not easy for everyone to wash their clothes regularly in the current fast-paced world. Therefore, it provides an opportunity for laundry companies to target their audience’s issues and enhance their business growth.

Another research study showed that companies offering only dry-cleaning services make a profit of over $30,000 annually. If you plan to get into the laundry business or want to expand the existing one, you have to follow the right steps to accomplish your laundry business goals.

Let’s find out how you can enhance the growth of your laundry company.

1. Leverage the Available Technology

Everything is optimized and automated in the current digital era through different technological advancements. To give the right direction to your efforts, you need to integrate the laundry software to optimize your business operations. There are different software available that you can leverage as per the needs of your laundry company. 

For instance, you will need route optimization software if you want to opt for on-demand laundry services. It will save your effort and time by investing in such software and improving your business efficiency. Eventually, you will be able to provide a better customer experience that will increase your customer base.

While looking for laundry software, you should look for a complete solution to fulfill your various business needs. From logistics to analytics, marketing to commerce, it should help you run all your business operations smoothly, significantly impacting your business growth. 

2. Enhance your Services

It would be best to think about different ways to expand your services that can hugely impact your business progress. Typical laundry services may help you reach a specific audience that only needs attire washing services. But if you want to reach a wider audience, you need to enhance your services.

For example, you may start offering wash-and-fold services that will play a key role in increasing your clientele. In wash-and-fold services, you have to deliver the clothes by washing, drying, and folding them properly. People who do not have access to washing machines that can dry clothes would prefer this type of service.

It will attract new customers that will help you to improve your profitability and overall ROI. To strengthen your service, you may add ironing of clothes and charge for it separately, which will boost your revenue.

3. Optimize Your Google Business Profile

To elevate the growth of your laundry business, you have to focus on the local marketing strategies, and optimizing Google’s business profile is one of them. As a laundry business owner, you must know that customers will always prefer a laundry shop nearer to their home. You have to improve your Google business profile to target the local audience as per your location.

A Google business profile includes your location, contact number, company’s address, website, customer reviews, and many more. By optimizing your profile, your engagement in Google will increase as the local audience will start interested in your services. Your conversion rate will also improve, which means you will have a chance of getting more sales.

4. Improve your Social Media Presence

According to a research study, around 76% of people use social media to find local companies. You have to level up your social media marketing game to deliver your message to your audience efficiently. To build a good social media presence, you need to understand the demands of each platform. 

If you want to target your audience on Instagram, you need to focus on producing appealing graphical content. It will compel your audience to take action that will increase your leads. Also, it is not necessary that you have to focus on all social media platforms. You have to analyze where most of your target audience exists, so it will help you create marketing strategies accordingly. 

5. Start Investing in Digital Ads

To accelerate your laundry business growth, you have to make smart investments. If you want the most returns on your investment, you must consider digital ads. Google is the best platform that you can consider for digital ads that will deliver your marketing message efficiently to the audience.

You have to adopt a creative approach to create a results-driven ad that can convince people to buy your services. Keep your ad short and crisp that can make your audience easily understand who you are and what you do. 

Google ads will appear in the area where you mostly operate. To create an ad, you have to target a particular keyword as per your city or state. It will make your ad appear on the top whenever people will search for laundry services through a particular keyword.


Due to digital evolution, it has become easier than ever for businesses to reach their audience. The same goes for the laundry business, but you need to adopt a smart approach to target your audience.

You have to take each step carefully, from harnessing the right laundry software to investing in digital ads. It will help you achieve your business objectives and give you an edge over competitors.